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Cheap RC Planes for Sale - A Perfect Flyer for Any Budget

Although it's hard for many people to recall, not long ago RC plane flying was a hobby reserved for the lucky select few that had enough disposable income to afford the specialty equipment and accessories for flying rc planes that most other hobbyists found to be cost-prohibitive. But with the proliferation of the technology used to produce cheap rc planes and micro rc planes, thankfully the general costs of getting up and running and participating in this fun and exciting hobby have plummeted for the average hobbyist. Whether you're too young to drive and you want to save up for your first remote control plane, or you're out on your own and struggling to pay bills but still want to get out into the field and start flying, there are good options for you.

Cheap RC Planes are typically going to be less flashy - they won't take nitro fuel, they won't be model jets with afterburners, and they aren't going to feature advanced avionics, but they'll take-off, fly level and land, and most will even do the basic tricks like the barrel roll and loop de loop. Cheap rc planes are going to look flimsier and have less complex and advanced paint jobs on their bodies - they won't necessarily turn any heads at the airfield based on their looks alone, but if you're really just burning to get out and fly you probably won't care too much about these extras. There's always a chance to upgrade and move your way up in the future, so for now just concentrate on getting the right plane for your needs and learning the basics of handling an rc plane.

You have two basic options when you're going into rc plane flying at the bottom level and you're looking for cheap rc planes:

Micro RC Planes

Micro rc planes are tiny! Some of them fit in the palm of your hand and many are small enough that you could fly them in a large room and probably not get in trouble. Although your average micro rc plane is not going to be as easy to fly indoors as your average micro rc helicopter, due to their different designs and the helicopter's ability to hover, you can get a sense of the size of these tiny cheap rc planes by understanding that many can stand on your palm and whiz around the office for a couple of minutes.

The great thing about these micro rc planes is that they're cheap, but also readily available. If you're too young to have a credit card and your parents just aren't buying it for you, you can get yourself to a big box chain retail store like target, walmart, toys-r-us or kmart and have a pretty good shot at finding these cheap rc planes in the electronic toy aisles.

Some of these micro rc planes and micro rc helicopters are smartly designed to fit inside their own rc controller! They pack into the back behind the batteries, so you can carry both your rc controller and micro rc plane very easily and with one hand. One thing you will want to keep in mind when you're dealing with these tiny cheap rc planes is that, although they are not very expensive, some run $24 to $37, they do have some limitations due to their tiny size.

For one thing, you need to keep in mind that micro rc planes have little room to carry any substantial battery and therefore will need to be recharged frequently. Some of the better micro rc planes and micro rc helicopters available boast 10 - 15 minutes of continuous flying time, so don't expect to open up your new micro rc plane and start flying all day long. Check the packaging of any cheap rc planes you are scoping out before you buy them to determine exactly how long you can expect them to remain in the air before they need a recharging. Also check to see how long it usually takes to recharge them.

Cheap RC Planes from Major Online Stores and RC Planes Outlets

You can also find cheap rc planes for sale online. Amazon has a pretty substantial and deep selection of rc planes for sale online, which many shoppers looking for remote control planes tend to overlook. Although you wouldn't think of Amazon as providing rc planes, they do in fact have an impressive variety of sizes, shapes, types, and complexities. You can find beginner rc planes that have extremely absorbent shock-resistant bodies (for the frequent crashes that are the hallmark of a newbie rc plane flyer's experience) and easy to operate controllers.

You can even specify your price range when you're doing a search on amazon and find planes that fit neatly within your budget. There are many other online hobby shops that have cheap rc planes and carry diverse merchandise that ranges all the way up to $1000 + models for advanced flyers.

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