Cheap RC Planes That Shoot Paintballs for RC Dogfighting

Many rc plane enthusiasts have enjoyed flying their cheap rc planes at local remote control plane airfields, imagining what it must have been like to take off in one of the world war 2 fighter planes their own rc fliers are modeled after. Knowing that other fighter planes were lurking up at altitudes high enough to require oxygen must have been an incommunicable feeling. There are plenty of rc flier clubs around the country that enjoy staging air battle reenactments, having their participants fly their cheap rc planes in formation until meeting the enemy to break off into mock combat.

As a result, many people have wondered if its possible to find rc planes that shoot paintballs, as this would be an ideal way to add a further layer of reality to the reenactment of world war 2 fight plane battles. Unfortunately, I have not yet found any rc planes that shoot paintballs, but I have thought about how such an rc plane would be well received in general by the rc plane flying community and specifically by world war 2 buffs that enjoy using their cheap rc planes for reenactments of WW2 air battles.

If the rc planes that shoot paintballs could be calibrated correctly, they would not fire with enough force to seriously damage the other rc plane, but still fire paintballs with sufficient velocity to mark up their targets. That way, your buddy can't keep pulling the "didn't hit me! Didn't hit me!" routine when you mock dogfight with your WW2 cheap rc planes - he would finally have to explain how the back end of his fighter plane was covered in red paint since you "never even got close to touching him".

Rc planes that shoot paintballs would probably pose a number of problems for designers. For one thing, it would take a larger, and therefore bulkier and more expensive, rc plane to be able to carry the weight of a miniature paintball firing system. The paintball firing system itself would need to have some sort of compressor to generate and retain pressure up until the moment that it was released via a firing command. Additionally, rc planes that shoot paintballs would have to be further modified to accept rc inputs through their paintball firing system so that their pilots on the ground could pull their triggers whenever they had their friends' planes in their sights.

Rc planes that shoot paintballs don't seem to be rolling out anytime soon on a commercial production scale, but they're always a possibility in our hearts. Therefore, anyone with the technical proficiency, know-how, free time and extra money can design, build, fly (and destroy with) their own rc planes that shoot paintballs.

The last hurdle to be faced down by the willing moral majority that want rc planes that shoot paintballs is naturally going to be the secular stonewalling of highly conservative rc fliers that "don't want their beautiful and very expensive rc planes they worked on forever" to get shot down in a blaze of glory by a young punk with an ugly rc plane that has a big paintball gun and jerry-rigged radio taped to the bottom of it". But rc planes that shoot paintballs, like anything that is true to the heart of humanity, is ultimately unstoppable. They will fly someday.