Wedge shoes are excellent due tot heir versatility. They can transcend casual and formal wear if styled right. Red wedge shoes for instance are typically thought of as more flirty or more formal based on the shoes inherent styling whereas a simple brown or black platform wedge heel may be more suitable for jeans and a tee shirt. No matter what the occasion is you can be sure that there are womens wedge shoes for sale that go it's just finding the right style and the right color that can be a challenge especially if there is a tight budget to consider.

Cheap Red Wedge Shoes

If you are looking for dressy wedge evening shoes then you are likely going to want to find a pair of black or silver wedge shoes which can typically be worn with most outfits. Once you start singling out your shoe color to your outfit your selection will typically start to decline in the big shoe stores as there is less of a demand for specific colors as opposed to neutral colors that go with most outfits. To get cheap blue, yellow, or red wedge shoes, or any other special color for that matter, you are going to be faced with more of a challenge finding exactly the style you are looking for in the right size. This means that most smaller shoe retailers will be hard pressed to satisfy the needs of every woman that walks in the door. That's why shopping in larger warehouse stores and with online shoe retailers is usually key to finding the right shoe at the right price.

Some of the best shoe stores as it turns out are online as these retailers are capable of maintaining inventory of many more shoes than you would ever find at your local shoe store or department store. Although most big department stores and shoe warehouse stores will have a large selection of designer shoes like Michael Kors, Stuart Weitzman, and BCBG wedge shoes none of the locations are truly going to have the inventory as an online warehouse store.

Obviously the main problem with shopping for shoes online is getting the ft right. If you want to find a perfect pair of cheap red wedge shoes for women to go with your red cocktail dress and you want the fit to be right then it can be hard to go for the low cost leader because you can't try shoes on online. The best way to remedy this problem is to shop in stages. Go to your department store first and find the right shoe to meet your needs and then price the shoe online for the best deal. This does delay your gratification but it will ensure you find the cheapest price for the shoe you want.

Red Wedge Shoe by Calvin KleinIt goes without saying that when buying specialty dressy red wedge shoes like this Red Bree Wedge by Calvin Klein you want to best price because they aren't going to be worn very often as they will only go with a few of your outfits but even though this forces you to be cost sensitive you shouldn't sacrifice quality for price. Stick with high quality shoes and then find the best price you can, that way your red wedge shoes will still be in your closet for years to come.