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Refurbished Computers - Laptops

Refurbished laptops and PCs deserve a spot at the top of the shopping list.  Budget-conscious consumers can save a lot of money by purchasing a refurbished laptop or desktop computer.  Refurbished laptops come with guarantees, warranties, and return policies when they are bought from reputable sellers, such as Amazon, Apple, HP, Newegg,, and some smaller electronics stores that do in-house refurbishment. Opting for a refurbished laptop computer can save hundreds of dollars depending on its brand name and specifics.

What are Refurbished Laptops?

A refurbished laptop computer undergoes a process of restoration.   Sometimes people mistake "refurbished" computers as "used" or cheap computers (cheap as in bad quality, not less expensive). Investing in a laptop computer is a big expense for most people and they want assurance that it will perform well.  Computers hold writing, data, photos, and personal information that can get lost in an instant during a computer failure.  Refurbished laptops undergo rigorous testing and renovation.  Laptops that go through the refurbishment process receive new parts, new batteries, and look new.  The only reason customers know they are buying a refurbished laptop computer is because the merchant has a duty to advertise accurately.  Often, refurbished computers were customer returns that have nothing wrong with them and many have new been opened.

Refurbished Macbooks, Laptops, and PCs

What Parts are Replaced on a Refurbished Laptop Computers?

Laptop computers are usually refurbished by the company that manufactures them. There are different reasons that laptops and PCs are returned. To get the refurbished laptop or desktop computer label the product was delivered and returned unopened. Other times they are laptops and PCs with a blemish on their casing. A laptop that gets scratched on its top does absolutely no harm to the motherboard, RAM, DVD slots, battery, or other inner workings. As long as you do not mind a few minor imperfections in the laptop cover or a blemish on the CPU casing, cheap, refurbished laptops and PCs are excellent, especially if you are looking for an affordable student laptop or doing holiday shopping.

Refurbished PC or Refurbished Apple Computer

There is a long standing debate over what type of computer is better, an Apple Mac computer or a PC (HP, Compaq, Dell, Sony). A PC is a personal computer. The excessive Mac branding has caused people to think that a Mac computer is not a personal computer, but it is. The popular Mac vs PC commercials make them seem like two completely different devices, but they are both computers. The main difference between an Apple computer and a personal computer is the operating system. Most PCs have the option of being built from scratch, but with a Mac computer you take what you get, although you can put in more Mac RAM. Apple computers have always been on the high end of the computer market, something their prices reflect.

When it is time to buy a new laptop or PC consider your budget. If you are looking for a cheap laptop or PC then consider your basic computing needs. Some want to buy a desktop computers, others need super quick gaming laptops, and still other consumers only swear by Apple. The excellent news is that regardless of what type of laptop or PC you want you can get them cheap and refurbished. Laptops and PCs that are refurbished, Mac or Dell, save money. Since the overall price of Apple computers are more expensive, generally, they will still cost more as refurbished Mac computers. Still, refurbished, cheap Mac computers are still better than full price, especially since they are in excellent condition, essentially returned to new even though they weren't old.

Final Buying Tips for Cheap Laptops and PCs

College students should always shop for refurbished laptops if they are in the market for affordable student computers.   are out there, but with the you head to school or because it is time for holiday shopping, is a good way to save money that can go toward other purchases. Getting a refurbished laptop for Christmas is a nice surprise. If you are not sure what brand of computer to get then you can always gift an Amazon gift card, good for most anything and any brand since Amazon serves as a storefront for many stores, including Apple and other computer brands.

When you get a good, cheap laptop make sure to pick up a messenger bag as well. There are nice leather laptop bags that vary in price depending on your style. Check out other refurbished products like refurbished iPads to see what else you can save on. Always make sure you buy from a trusted seller like a known home town laptop store, the Apple store,, or Amazon is a great place to buy cheap, used, refurbished laptops, PCs, and other cool gadgets. Saving money is shopping smart.