Affordable Car Rentals For Young People

If you are under a certain age you know it can be hard to find cheap rental cars for under 25 years old. 

Even if you are over 25 it can be really hard to rent a cheap car

The reality is, it costs a lot of money these days to do anything. And unfortunately, young people usually have to pick up a lot of costs that older renters do not. 

Why does it cost so much? Because traveling today can be incredibly expensive with the price of gas and the enormous cost that comes with being on the open road. With having to pay for food, hotel rooms, and any sights and sounds that you want to see, it can be really overwhelming. 

And after it happened to me a few months back, I decided to write this article to help. About 3 months ago, I had a disaster happen with my car and I had to get a rental car because I had to go out-of-town. 

It turned out to be a huge cost and I wish I had this rental car information.


Possible Rental Cars For Under 25 Years Old

Compact Cars

Economy Cars For Under 25 Years Old

Cheap Cars

Economy cars are the first place you want to look for your rental car as an under 25-year-old. Here is the first place you can look.

Hertz is a great car rental business that strives to give an equal shake. After my research, I found that Hertz will rent you a car under the age of 25 for $49 a day.

I will say that depending on where you live, there may be different costs with taxes and insurance but for the most part, all my research points to the price being the same as for someone 25 years old and over.

The benefits of compact cars go far beyond a cheap rental price. Gas can cost an arm and a leg. Economy cars travel very good over a long stretch of miles. In order to spend less at the gas pump, you need a car that will go farther with less wear and tear on the engine and tires.

Economy cars also do better on car insurance.

Compact Cars

Compact Cars For Car Rentals

Compact Cars For Renters Under 25 Years Old

Compact Cars

The next rental car up from the economy class is the compact car. Not only does it get good gas mileage but it has more room in the front seats and the back seats compared to the economy car.

Enterprise Rent A Car is the second company that I recommend for cheap rental cars for under 25 years old. I do this for two reasons:

1. The first reason is locations. I have not been to a major city where there was not an Enterprise. If you are in a bind, 9 times our of 10 you will find them renting cars.

2. The second reason is the price. Enterprise Rent A Car keeps their prices cheap and at the same price as the 25 years old and up class.

Not only are these reasons enough, but taking a car that has good insurance, great gas mileage, and less wear and tear than a bigger car, these compact cars are great.

More Rental Cars For Under 25 years Old

Rental Cars

Great Rental Cars For Under 25 Years Old

Affordable Cars

If you need to get somewhere and you need more room than a compact car or economy car can offer, you will want to go with an intermediate, standard, and full size rental cars.

All the research I did showed that most car rental companies all charged the same prices for these sized cars. They are all around $80 and up. You do have to be aware that the gas mileage is going to be a little higher than the compact and economy cars but it still is worth it.

That is not bad considering you are getting this size car under 25 years old.

So if you have specific needs like carrying around your friends or family to where ever you need to go, these are the cars you want.

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