Cheap Replacement Sliding Door Rollers: Best Popular Brands

If you are fortunate enough to have a patio, you will probably also have a glass sliding door that looks into your garden or your patio. The great thing about having a sliding door is that it allows you to walk into your patio or garden and also makes your living room feel more spacious. Like anything in your home with moving parts, you will sooner or later have to replace your sliding door rollers.

If you are not sure what the sliding patio door roller is, you have got nothing to worry about. When the time comes for the sliding glass door rollers to be replaced, you will discover and learn more. That said, replacing your sliding glass door rollers can be difficult depending on the size of your door. The bigger the door, the heavier it will be. That basically means that you will need an assistant in order to replace the damaged sliding door rollers.

Cheap replacement sliding glass door rollers: What to know

Replacing your sliding door rollers cannot be done alone as stated above. You will not always be able to find your specific sliding door rollers from your local hardware store. That is not such an issue because most sliding doors can be fitted with different types of rollers. If you are not sure, you will do well to remove the worn out sliding door rollers and take them with you when you want to purchase new ones. If you are thinking of buying your replacement sliding door rollers online, you will have more to choose from and there will be a greater chance that you will be able to buy the same brand as the original rollers.

Cheap replacement sliding glass door rollers: Where to buy

Here is a list of prices and locations where you can buy sliding door rollers:

Patio Sliding Glass Door Roller



Sliding Glass Patio Door Replacement Roller, 1" Diameter Steel ...


Prime-Line 131913 Sliding Glass Door Roller Assembly Replacement ...


Tandem Patio Sliding glass door roller


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Prime Line Products D1683 Sliding Glass Door Roller Assembly


Best brands for Cheap replacement sliding door rollers

When searching for the best brands for replacement sliding door rollers, you will often think that there will be a lot of list to choose from. That is not often the case. The two most popular brands for replacement sliding door rollers are "Prime Line Products" and "C.R Laurence". It doesn't mean that these brands are the best but they are the most accessible for online shoppers and can be purchased for an affordable price.