Dining in Quebec City can beoverwhelming with choices. Here a three of the cheap restaurants you can go to without spending all of your money but still feast on your meal. While you are wandering around the streets of Old Quebec or if you just arrived in the town after checking into your hotel, a quick and tasty meal can recharge your batteries.

Paillard Restaurant

1097, rue Saint-Jean, Quebec

Paillard is a made-to-order sandwich place with delicious bread. The bread is toasted, crusty and soft to perfection. If you do not feel like eating a sandwich, the soup of the day is worth eating.

They also have a bakery section which will just blow your mind with their French macaroons. I would especially recommend the chocolate one, the pistachio one and also the maple syrup one. They just melt in your mouth. The berry ones are a bit to sweet and do not have the perfect texture of smoothness that you find in the best macaroons in France.

Paillard is truly the best place to eat quickly in Quebec City. The design of the shop is simple with the long wooden benches and tables. It is a successful mix between Europe and North America.

Le Petit Cochon DingueCredit: GedsLe Petit Cochon Dingue Restaurant

46 boulevard Champlain, Quebec

Le Petit Cochon Dingue is a French play-on-words. "Dingue" means crazy in slang so it refers to a small crazy pig. But the pronunciation is close to the Guinea pig in French ("cochon dinde").

Just like its parent restaurant, this restaurant has a French touch and is one of the most famous dining venue in Quebec City. It is a very good restaurant if you have never been to France but are curious to try some tasty flavors.

Their whole menu is full of funny writings so if you like to laugh and eat good food, this place was made for you.

Chez Ashton

54 côte du Palais

This place is nothing like the two previous ones. The fast food Quebec cuisine is presented simply. A poutine made to order topped with gravy and cheese curds at a low cost.

Chez Ashton is the place to eat with your friends before or after a night in a bar. It is quick and cheap food from Quebec. Some people drive hundreds of miles to have a poutine here.

What To Do After Eating ?

A nice walk in the Old Town of Quebec City is always nice to do while digesting. You do not have to walk very far because you are already inside the walls.

If you are looking for a place to have a really nice dinner, check out the best restaurants of Quebec City. Do you know any other cheap places to eat to go to ? I would be curious to check them out. Feel free to comment.

Paillard Get Directions
1097 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec City, QC G1R 1S5, Canada
Le Petit Cochon Dingue Get Directions
46 Boulevard Champlain, Quebec City, QC G1K 4H5, Canada
Chez Ashton Get Directions
54 Côte du Palais, Quebec City, QC G1R, Canada