Romantic Date Ideas That Your Partner Will Love

Whether you’re on a tight budget, looking to add variety to your relationship or attempting to impress your partner with your creativity, you will surely find some great cheap romantic dates ideas below. Dates don’t need to be expensive to be successful, fun and full of romantic ambience.  

  1. Movie marathon

Pick a weekend or just a night for a movie marathon. Set a theme and ask your date to bring a movie that she or he thinks fit. Try themes associated with comedies and rom coms or go for ‘the best movie couple’ theme. Ensure that you have popcorn, some champagne or inexpensive wine (try clear skins)and snacks such as corn chips and dips to go with the chips. Rent out, borrow from your friends or use the movies from your home collection. This is one of the effective, cheap romantic dates that will prove to your companion that you are able to be a home body and can make a special date out of usually ordinary movie watching.

  1. Beauty and massage salon

Recommended for males who wish to spoil their partners. Before your date arrives at your door transform one room into a beauty parlor. Don’t tell your date what you will be doing, make it a surprise instead. Prepare candles, face masks, massage oils and foot creams. When you’re date arrives tell her that she is going to get treated today. Give her a robe, put some chill out or romantic music on and start from her feet. Rub some nice smelling lotion into her feet. Don’t forget to massage them gently. Next to show her that you are a down to earth guy put some face mask (yoghurt mixed with cucumber and a hint of honey will do) on your face and then also on hers. Finish the night with giving her a sensual back massage.

  1. Nature calls

Use the beautifulness and richness of nature. Go for a picnic to a park or a forest. Grab a blanket, some drinks and make an unforgettable date of gazing into stars. Try riding your bicycles into a place that you spontaneously pick from the map (make sure it’s not too far). How about going to explore some caves or simply meeting for a date on the beach or near a lake.

  1. High life

For some wonderful cultural dates look no further than your local college or university. Colleges and other tertiary education institutions usually offer art exhibitions, plays, music recitals and poetry nights free of charge.

  1. Cooking

Try cooking her/him a meal at home. Make an effort to cook at least one dish and a dessert followed by some wine or champagne and your date definitely won’t be disappointed.

  1. Board games

Make board games an entertaining and fun event. Invite your date and some friends over and play board games. Also try charades. Get everyone to bring a dish to snack on while you’re playing.