There are a lot of great options when it comes to cheap romantic holidays in Victoria. It is home to some of Australia's best scenery with rugged mountains, golden farmland and beautiful country towns. Move into the city and you have the relaxed atmosphere of Melbourne, which is home to some of the best restaurants and cultural attractions on offer from the 'Land Down Under'. In this article we take a look at some of the best getaway locations in this beautiful state, focusing on ones that are perfect for budgeting couples looking for a romantic weekend (or week) away.

Mt. Beauty, Falls Creek and Bogong - Skiing, Picnicking and Hiking in Some of Vic's Most Beautiful Mountains

The Mt. Beauty area is the place to go if you are looking for a holiday in the mountains. The area has some of the best ski fields in Australia and the area is full of parks, hiking trails and comfortable cabins and chalets. Spending the night a Mt. Beauty puts you less than 20 minutes from the mountain ranges of Bogong and Hotham, which are absolutely stunning year round. In the winter you can enjoy the snow with some cross-country skiing and in the summer you can explore the mountain air whilst hiking to some of the most beautiful natural attractions you will ever see.

Accommodation Options - Your options range from weekend getaway packages in the Hotham chalet cabins (complete with spas and breakfast) to holiday house rentals in the local township of Mt. Beauty. You can even camp during the summer for free if you have a tent.

Attractions - If you are looking for natural attractions in Victoria then this area is the highlight of the region. Rolling green and gold fields meet up with snow-capped mountains. The snow is perfect for skiing in the winter and in spring the snow melts revealing flowers and grassland. Hiking, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking and picnicking are the main activities you can enjoy.

Food - The mountaintop accommodation has a range of fine dining options but the real star of the area is Flour + Water Pizza in Mt. Beauty. Flour + Water is not very well advertised because word of mouth has done that job quite well. The restaurant is rustic and beautiful, the wood fired pizzas are delicious and affordable and the dessert pizzas are a special treat.

Cost Rating - In Mt. Beauty picnicking, hiking and kayaking (if you have your own kayaks) all range from free to very cheap. Skiing is quite affordable though staying overnight in the snowfields can be quite expensive. The cheapest way to enjoy the snowfields is to stay in a motel in Mt. Beauty or Tawonga, hire skis and drive up to the snowfields each day. You legally must hire chains if you drive during the snowy season as a safety precaution, so this will add a small amount to your overall costs.

Daylesford - Victoria's Number One Place for Pampering

If you are fond of a good luxury pampering then a Daylesford resort retreat may be your best option in Victoria. Daylesford is well-known for its collection of relaxing and romance-inspiring places to stay. The three most popular options are Birches of Daylesford, Station House, and Jolee Accommodation. All three of these getaway options are quite inexpensive as well, so they are a perfect choice for budgeting couples.

Birches of Daylesford is about an hour's drive from Melbourne and features all the mineral springs, spas, relaxing massages and scenery that your heart could desire. Your options aren't limited there either, Station House is a spectacular historic homestead bead and breakfast that is located on the scenic railway right next to the market. If you want a stay in the Australian bushland then your best option in Daylesford is going to be Jolee Accommodation. These cottages are situated in a quiet location within walking distance to Daylesford proper and Hepburn Springs. These three options really put Daylesford on the map as a prime getaway location for people whom want to relax.

The Yarra Valley - Australia's Finest Cool Climate Wines

Australia is becoming renown for its different tastes in wines. People have become accustomed to the flavors of places like Italy and France but Australia offers fresh new tastes due to its radically different climates compared to the traditional wine producers. The Yarra Valley is one very notable area in Australia that is famed for its fresh cold climate wines and this makes it a great place for a wine tasting getaway.

A self-driven tour will take you and your partner past over 100 different outlets, ranging from wine cellars to organic wholefood stores. In addition to this you can also head on over to the nearby Healesville Sanctuary, where you can get up close and personal with some of Australia's defining wildlife. For accommodation you have a range of options including Yarra valley Accommodation lodges and the Linden Gardens Rainforest Retreat. If you choose to visit the Yarra in February then you also have the opportunity to participate in the Grape grazing Festival. This festival is a collection of all of the foods, wines and music that Australia is known for.

Melbourne City - Cafe's, Culture and the Diverse Dining Experiences

If you want the ultimate cultural experience in Victoria then Melbourne is really your best choice. Melbourne is very open plan when compared to other cities, even in the busiest areas you still get the full sense of space that Australia is known for. Add to this the streets upon streets of lazy cafes and bars and you have a very relaxed city atmosphere. After a morning coffee you can walk to just about any of the art museums, cultural centers or entertainment venues. Then, when night falls you can enjoy the bar life before returning to a comfortable apartment style hotel.

In addition to many different hotels you also have the cheaper options of hundred of different 'art deco' style houses and apartments to rent out for a weekend or even a week. Just outside the city you can even find more traditional B&Bs, if that is more to your liking. A two night stay in Melbourne including food and entertainment could easily cost less than a couple of hundred dollars, though a shopping spree could easily counter your savings so you may have to exercise some self-restraint if you are on a budget. As you can see, with options as far-ranging as ski holidays and city stays, cheap romantic getaways in Victoria are suitable to everyone.