Round Pedestal Tables

Round pedestal tables are available in a size to fit any place a table is needed. With dining room and kitchen tables as well as accent, coffee and end tables, these magnificent tables are suited to any room in the house. Created from various materials, but very commonly found in wood they are one of the most popular table styles available.

Round Pedestal Dining Room and Kitchen Tables

Round Pedestal Tables (34450)

Round pedestal dining room and kitchen tables will most commonly be found with a wood or glass top. The base will usually be made of wood although metal is often used as well. When placed in a dining room a more elaborate base may be created. The wooden column may be carved or decorated with a motif or fluted as in a Corinthian column. There may be one center column base or an elaborate combination of smaller pedestals joined to create a spectacular pedestal base. If a combination is used they will often separate if the table is one that may be elongated, thus creatingtwo pedestals for additional support of the longer table.

If a glass top is used for the top of a round pedestal table it will generally be thick tempered glass placed upon a stylish metal or wood base. Because the pedestal will be the main focal point of the table it will determine the style of the piece. These tables are available in every furniture style from modern, contemporary to elaborate and traditional. The pedestal will often be carved or turned and may have additional legs and feet to help support the base if it is created from wood, or it may be stylistic and sleek if built from metal.

Round Pedestal Accent Tables

Round pedestal accent tables will not require the strength that a dining or kitchen table must, so they can be created with a more open design. The pedestal base may be slim or almost the size of the top it supports. They may have legs that form together to create a central columnar support or they may even have a glass column. An accent table gives a strong focal point, and often is used mostly for decoration, perhaps holding one or two items, with the design of the top and the base clearly visible.

Round Pedestal Coffee and End Tables

Round pedestal coffee and end tables are usually made available in a set, although one piece may be used simply as an accent or focal point. They will be constructed of wood, metal, glass, occasionally a plastic or perhaps a combination of two or more. They supporting base will be sturdy enough for general use, and will be a center point of the room.

Round Pedestal Patio Tables

Patio tables are often round pedestal tables built either of a hard plastic, wood or metal. They may be wrought iron, elaborately detailed or simple flat metal with curved edges. Elaborately worked iron base tables may be used on covered patios and covered with glass, set back from the elements yet suitable for outdoor use. Often a solid metal or wood table will have a hole through the pedestal where an umbrella may be placed. Wooden patio furniture including round pedestal tables are often made of redwood and require minimal care.

Support of a Round Pedestal Table

As with all pedestal tables the support of a round pedestal table relies upon a center column or combination of columns to create a pedestal. These are often very unique designs and will feature interesting carvings and paintings on some. The base itself may be in a candlestick, Mission, Queen Anne, or various other styles. The pedestal may be supported by feet at the base or it may be large enough to be its own support.

Round Pedestal Table Finishes and Care

Round pedestal tables may be finished in a Tung oil, painted, or stained and finished with a varnish or polyurethane if made of wood. These should be cared for according to the manufacturer's instructions. Glass tops, metal tops and mosaics are very common with this type of table and will need very little care beyond cleaning and dusting. If a solid metal round pedestal table is placed in a garden or exposed to the elements it may require additional paint or finishing.

When choosing a round pedestal table consider the location where it will be placed and the use it will incur. Consider a sturdy table with sturdy base for dining, while a more decorative is perfectly suited for a less used round pedestal table.