Cheap Round Rugs

When the time comes to decorate a house, carpets are one of the first things that comes to the decorators mind; they offer a practical solution for a decoration. Cheap round rugs will spice up the floor of any room that they are placed in, as well as provide a comfy feeling for any pairs of feet that will pass over them. The only problem with these products is that you will find yourself paying thousands of dollars for one that isn't even big enough to hold a pair of shoes if you do not know which models to look for. This article lists the top 5 most common sizes when it comes to cheap area rugs, as well as the best models within that size group; take a look at these when you are ready to make a purchase, and you will surely be satisfied!

2' Cheap Round Rugs

Although 2 feet may not seem large enough to suit anything, these 2' cheap round rugs would be absolutely perfect for a small room. Suppose that you would like to decorate your laundry room with a small carpet, these models would serve as perfect solutions because they are rather small, yet still provide you with the same benefits as a full sized 10' model.

Brighton $129.99

Chantilly $139.99

Majesty $119.99

Patina 109.99

Imperial $149.99

5' Cheap Round Rugs

These models definitely give you a decent amount of space to work with. 5' cheap round rugs are entirely ideal for medium sized rooms with a lot of floor space to work with. A decently sized family room that is in dire need of an accent carpet to be placed in the middle of a large floor space would greatly benefit from the purchase of any of these models.

Bristol I $129.99

Ansley $129.99

Colette $199.99

Dover Chenille $79.99

Rhodes $99.99

7' Cheap Round Rugs

These models are quite large and should never be placed in a room that is smaller than 400 square feet. These 7' cheap round rugs should serve as an accent to a room, so they should take up less than 20% of the total available floor space; by ensuring this you will allow them to accent to overall floor, rather than dominate what is available. You should definitely consider these models before you make a purchase:

Saddlestitch All-Weather $179.99

Peace $449.99

Sakura $699.99

Loft Shag $299.99

Corolla $719.99

9' Cheap Round Rugs

These are significantly more expensive than their smaller counterparts; however, their designs are usually more unique, and aesthetically pleasing. These 9' cheap round rugs will run you up quite a bit of money, but the compliments and comments that you will receive from having them featured in one of the main rooms of your house will definitely compensate from the amount of money that you would have spent.

Checkered Field Area $199.99

Enchantment $449.99

Royal Chenille I $129.99

Palm II $179.99

Poetry $384.99

11' Cheap Round Rugs

These are nearly the largest cheap round rugs that you will find in your average home decorating store; they are suitable for rooms that are extremely large. They can also be used as the main carpet in smaller sized rooms rather than as an accent decoration in a larger room. You should definitely view these models prior to making a purchase of this type:

Nuance I $729.99

Wisdom $799.99

Summit All-Weather $229.99

Rustica Braided $1249.99

Shadowplay $799.99

These carpets will serve as perfect additions to absolutely any room that they are placed in. Although each individual size is better suited for a specific room size, they would benefit a room of any size greatly. This article lists the most common sizes of cheap round rugs, as well as the models to look for when you are ready to make a purchase; choose one of these models and you will surely be satisfied with your purchase!