Cheap rugs have really been a big trend lately. The economy has really made people budget conscious. At the same time hardwood and laminate floors have become one of the biggest trends but this isn't always the best for large expanses of space. You might instead just want to section off a few areas with rugs. It's also a lot softer for use around kids. Here are some ideas to get cheap area rugs that don't look cheap.

Play around with the material. Usually wool is going to be one of your most expensive options and sometimes it isn't the easiest to take care of. At times it can even feel a little bit rough depending on the quality after it gets worn down. You might just really want to experiment with different natural textures. An indoor outdoor style of rug is going to be your least expensive option. Plus, it's really your chance to play around with neutral colors in a way that's going to be very easy to live with.

You can find these natural types of rugs in everything from bamboo to sea grass. This isn't the softest material but it does add a lot of warm tones to your space and it really does make a statement. You might even just want to try this in your space if you have carpet that either you need to protect or you just aren't that proud of. This is really going to give you a chance to get a very modern look in your space on a budget instead of replacing your flooring. Carpet has gone out of vogue, but rugs are still in. Instead of using a rug over hardwood floors use a natural fiber over your carpet. Plus, it won't add too much bulk to your room.

When you look for cheap rugs for sale it makes a lot of sense to just go with polypropylene instead of traditional wool. This could just cost you a few hundred dollars instead of a few thousand especially if you're going with large cheap rugs for sale. This is really a chance for you to really experiment with pattern on a budget.

When you go with large cheap rugs lets really be honest. They might not last for a decade. You can embrace this just by going with a trendy pattern. By the time you're sick of it the rug will be worn out and it's really going to be time for a change. You might just want to go with a really fun zebra print. This adds a graphic element to a basic apartment with white walls. You can then really venture into damask prints as well which are traditional but using it on a rug really isn't. This uses a graphic white and black palette in a more modern way.

If you want cheap rugs for kids then you probably want to go with a higher quality. If this is just in a basic blue or pink palette it's something that you can have for decades. This is different than what's necessary for your main living spaces. This is because kids usually play around on the floor a lot so this needs to be soft. Chenille is going to be your best option for this but you need to make sure that it's a high enough quality and a practical enough weave that it isn't going to snag.