One of the easiest ways to ensure your clothes stay in good condition in your closet is to use satin padded coat hangers which are both cheap and affordable on the wallet and delicate on your clothes. Like many people the thought of using thin or slim hangers is appealing because they tend to save space in your closet however most space saving hangers are cheap and can damage your clothes over time. The cheapest are the thin wire hangers which we all know have a tendency to stretch out the shoulders of every garment you hang on them, especially those garments which are heavy or are stored for lengthy periods of time between uses.

Satin Padded Hangers For Women's ClothesThe far better way to store you clothes in the closet is to pay up for quality space saving hangers and stay away from the wire hangers or cheap plastic clothing hangers that we all have cluttering up our closest and to instead buy nicer items which can both spare your clothes damage while they are in your closet and potentially save you room at the same time.

For some garments however space saving hangers just don't cut it. There are actually many different types of clothes that need to hang but the cloth is just too delicate to hang on a standard white or black plastic hanger. Some clothing items like silk or fine sweaters made from cashmere or similar fibers simply cant be afforded the luxury of being able to be hung on just any hanger. Some dresses or negligees and even fine pairs of slacks simply need the extra protection that thick padded hangers can offer.

Cheap Padded Coat Hangers – Satin & Other Materials

Slim Velvet Shirt HangersAs we all know most people tend to have the most frequently used items and occasionally buy specialty items for special circumstances. We all have basic every day household cleaners to keep our home clean but occasionally we buy oven cleaner to clean the oven out. We all buy the 87 octane cheap gas for our cars and once in a blue moon we might buy it the good stuff to clean things out. With hangers we all tend to have about 95 percent of our closet filled with cheap wooden and plastic hangers but occasionally we'll buy specialty items like baby clothes hangers sized perfectly for baby's first dress or other cut baby girl clothing.

In your closet however you may have mostly normal hangers but getting your hands on padded coat hangers can give you the freedom to hang your most delicate items or your heaviest sweaters with little fear that the hanger will damage the garment. Padded hangers tend to be nonslip however some satin padded hangers may not fit this bill. Most cheap padded hangers however will come in a variety of clothes for you to choose from some of which will be more appropriate for non slip hanging whereas others may be more appropriate for larger items like coats or pants where slippage is less of a concern.

Types of Satin Padded Hangers

Satin padded coat hangers can come in a number of different shapes as you might expect. Many larger coat hangers will be shaped to give more design emphasis to strength and to maintaining a garments shape whereas other padded hangers may be smaller and designed to be intended for smaller clothing items. The type of padding will often be a bit different for these types of hangers as well.

Of course if you are in the market to buy a small set of padded coat hangers you may find that finding variety in your local retail stores may be difficult. Most local stores cater to the masses and only carry large varieties in the most common items. Because satin padded hangers are so focused on a small niche market most local retailers, even the large ones, may not have what you are looking for. You may find a selection of padded hangers for delicate blouses or sweaters but a full blown padded coat hanger designed for larger and heavier clothing and coats may not be in stock. To find specialty items like this you really have to branch out and do you shopping at the specialty stores which stock hangers and closet accessories specifically. Little do many people realize but there are actual retailers that operate online and in warehousing facilities which stock and sell every kind of clothes hanger imaginable. These are the types of stores where you will find the variety necessary to satisfy your closet needs best.

Shopping For Cheap Padded Coat Hangers

Padded Canvas Clothes Hanger For Heavy GarmentsAs previously stated shopping for padded hangers in a traditional home goods retail establishment may be possible if you are not looking for anything particularly specific. Many home good stores will have a large selection of specialty hangers and are likely to have the type of hanger you are looking for however they are unlikely to have the exact style you need.

For instance if you are looking for cheap satin padded hangers you may find that your local retailer has cheap cloth padded hangers but not satin. You may also find that they only have light garment hangers and none designed for the weight and abuse that coat hangers are designed to withstand. A quality coat hanger will be a bit bigger and will be stronger. It will be more able to hold the shape of your coat or heavy garment whereas a basic hanger may not.

Likewise the store may have plenty of sturdy coat hangers but none that are padded to your liking. Some coats after all have delicate interior lining which a study hard plastic could damage after many uses. Padded hangers are far less likely to damage this delicate inner lining and should be preferable however finding exactly what you need remains an issue.

If however you opt to do your shopping online you can usually narrow down an online specialty retailer which offers all the selection you need and can often offer all the pieces you need at the best prices possible. This means that even if you were to find the exact children's satin padded coat hanger in your local store the online retailers can usually beat them in price. This isn't a rule but it is often the case. You will have to do comparison shopping yourself and see what is the case for you.