Saxophones are very popular instruments so you should be able to find a wide range of saxophone cases and bags to suit your needs. They all have the same objective in mind however, and that is to protect your instrument and all of it's accessories.

Whether you're going across town or just to another room, the transporting of your saxophone can be a little dangerous so the company that you choose to buy your case or bag from should be well established as they will be aware of this issue in particular and carry products that can hold up well in those situations.

A good company will steer you in the right direction. Saxophones and their parts are made of a soft metal so the interior lining should be made and fitted well to protect everything in the case or bag. Molded foam that is made to form to each particular part is very important here. The great news is that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a great case. You can get cheap saxophone cases for sale online.

It should be tight enough to not allow any type of movement, yet soft enough so the parts don't get damaged from the material that is protecting it. A good interior protecting material will be made of felt. Saxophone Case

Beginner saxophone cases are a simple affair that is just a basic plastic. It is strong enough to where the interior protecting material can do it's job, but also inexpensive enough for the parent or student who will not be having the instrument for very long.

Some of the better models of cases will have either latches or zippers on them that lock. This is an extra security measure that is always good to have for even more protection. The better latches will be those that are very secure so they just don't pop loose by themselves.

This would not be a very good thing to happen at all when you're transporting it, so this is a very important feature to pay close attention to. Another important feature to keep in mind is the available storage space inside for extra “stuff'” like your sheet music.

A good saxophone case will have ample storage for items such as that. From time to time you may see someone transporting their saxophone in a bag and think to yourself: “How dangerous is that?”

The fact is that a bag is just as safe and functional as your typical saxophone case as it has a hard lining, comparable to a case, on the inside of the “bag” material. It also has the foam and felt interior lining to keep your equipment just as safe as it would be in your typical case.

The carrying straps on both types of these carrying cases/bags are also made of the same sturdy material. So you may do good to keep these pointers in mind when shopping around for a saxophone case.

You want to get your money's worth when purchasing one because saxophones can get pretty expensive. A good case or bag will keep your investment, your pride and joy, safe and ready for use.