Cheap Scrapbook Supplies

Finding Cheap Scrapbook Supplies

Cheap scrapbook supplies are not terribly common with thousands of individuals who are discovering this fantastic hobby. This usually can be an expensive hobby. Yet shortcuts and savings will benefit those who want to expand their bank account rather than give up their craft.

Cheap Scrapbook Supplies: Is This A Good Idea?

Most scrapbookers calculate the cost to be worthwhile, given the effort they are putting into this craft. For an album to last for years, it is necessary to know which supplies must be expensive and where one can cut costs by purchasing cheap scrapbook supplies. After all, your memories are at stake here! Sometimes cheap scrapbook supplies won't do the trick, but it's important to know when they can be used. As a side note, remember to always use "acid-free" adhesive and paper, to protect photos from discoloration.

Cheap Scrapbook Supplies: Paper Quality

There is a difference in the quality of the paper used. Expensive paper lasts longer, does not curl easily, and looks better. With paper being the product used most, it is possible to use cheaper paper in places that are not easily visible. For matting underneath photos with only a 1/4" border revealed around the photo, the use of an economical paper works just fine (just be sure to tape down all edges). Also be sure to save all scraps of expensive paper to use for matting small pictures, making letters, or for photo corners. This can go a long way toward saving you money without needing to purchase additional paper.

Cheap Scrapbook Supplies: Punches and Paper Cutters

Punches are extremely popular shortcuts for scrapbookers. They come in many shapes and styles, and save hours of cutting, yet when purchasing scrapbooking material and equipment, there is not much difference (except in price) between the inexpensive and the expensive. It is possible to keep punches sharpened and avoid sticking by punching through aluminum foil. Just be careful to avoid the aluminum foil sticking.

Paper cutters can be purchased in various price ranges. The key is to find a reliable source for replaceable blades, or purchase the guillotine paper cutter that never requires a new blade. They can be found at most stores selling cheap scrapbook supplies.

Cheap Scrapbook Supplies: Other Miscellaneous Items

Use one pair of excellent quality, fine-pointed scissors for intricate cutting. While cheap scrapbook supplies can be purchased, scissors need to be replaced regularly. Purchasing better quality scissors is cheaper in the long-run because you won't need to replace them as often.

Use adhesives to attach photos, letters, and decorative trims or borders. Adhesives are an essential part of scrapbooking; sometimes the cheaper ones are better. 3M's acid-free double-sided tape is the first choice, with acid-free glue as a close second.

Fancy braids, eyelets, letters, and metallic embellishments can be purchased from many discount stores, or online at discount stores. Paper embellishments can be hand-crafted from any card stock or papers. Use of glitter is not recommended as it can ruin photos.

Ribbons add a great deal of pizazz to every scrapbook page. Often available on clearance tables this is one of the cheap scrapbook supplies available from every craft, discount, and fabric store.

Online Scrapbooking

One way to really save a ton of money with scrapbooks is doing it all online. While this has a bit of a different feel than a physical scrapbook, it allows you to create something that can be shared with more people and you'll also save a ton of money. There are sites that allow you to do it for free, such as Smilebox.