Getting cheap scrubs for women is becoming increasingly necessary as it becomes more expensive to get all the supplies that a medical practice needs. Economic decline has also hit most private practices terribly too, with many patients simply being unable to afford most elective surgery and procedures. Cutting costs wherever possible without reducing the quality of your service is absolutely necessary and one great place to do this is in uniforms and scrubs. In this article we take a look at everything you need to know to get the latest fashions of cheap hospital scrubs.

Clearance Scrubs are a Gold Mine for Savings

Out of season and clearance scrub sets are one of the main things that you should keep an eye out for when you are shopping. Frugal shoppers can really benefit by spending a bit of extra time on their shopping trip to check around to multiple different stores to see how much of what they need they can get on clearance. You may have to mix and match different tops and bottoms but you can save a lot of money with this small sacrifice.

When Else is it Appropriate to Buy Through Retail?

If you already have a medical supplier nearby then you may be able to find some styles that they have excess stock of. End of financial year sales are also a great time to buy overstocked generic v-neck tops and elastic waist pants since retailers are trying to clear these items out as much as possible at these times. Buying in bulk for the coming year is an excellent strategy as you can get a larger saving overall by buying everything on sale. Some stores will even offer a discount to people making such large orders.

Do I Need to Spend Up on Coats and Scrub Warm Up Jackets?

Coats and warm up jackets can be particularly expensive but they are a necessity for many practices. Urbane and Landau both offer great quality coats and jackets at affordable prices. However, buying wholesale nameless brands of these items is a good idea to save. If you want to keep a more professional appearance then you should buy branded medical coats and non-branded warm up jackets. This is simply because coats are seen by customers far more frequently while warm up jackets are simply worn for comfort during breaks and when doing outside work.

Where to Buy Cheap Plus Size Scrubs

Plus size scrubs can be a bit harder to find in physical retail stores but they are available very commonly through online wholesalers. You can even buy these sizes online through sites like eBay to save even more. It's quite easy to buy a ten pack of a particular size on eBay, just search "plus size scrub bulk pack" and you will be able to enjoy the savings of buying in bulk, online and through a discount retailer.

Where to Buy Cheap Maternity Scrub Pants and Tops

Some specialty retailers carry plus size scrubs but they are usually much more expensive and harder to find. As such, your best option is actually to buy them online. You have a few different options buying online, including through wholesalers and Amazon but the best place is actually through eBay. eBay has a huge variety of maternity scrubs pants and tops from brands such as Cherokee Scrubs in addition to those from wholesale manufacturers. Many of these are under $20 a pair but you can get them even cheaper in bulk packs. If you really need to save money then you can even buy used pairs through eBay. The biggest secret for getting a good bargain on eBay is to ensure that you check each seller's ratings and reviews thoroughly. If a seller has a low rating of below 95% or if they have multiple negative reviews then you should avoid buying from them.

Where You Can Find Cheap Scrubs with Free Shipping Online

If you are buying for a larger practice then shipping fees can really be a deterrent to buying cheap scrubs sets online. You can lose all of your savings just in shipping fees on a large order. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can get free shipping on discount scrubs sets. The easiest way to do this is to buy on Amazon. Amazon has some great online shopping opportunities in many industries and the medical industry is no exception to this. In addition to this most products on Amazon offer 100% free shipping. You can even get next day delivery if you are an Amazon prime member.

You Don't Have to Avoid the Brand Names

It is possible to get cheap Cherokee Scrubs, Dickies and other big name brands - you just have to know where to look. Although it is sometimes possible to find discounted brand name scrubs sets in stores, the best place to get them is actually online. Pulse Uniforms, for example, offers a large assortment of Cherokee and other brands of scrubs for up to 50% off retail price. This is a great way to save while still getting the quality you would like in your staff uniforms.

Which Items Can You Save on and Which Should You Spend Up On?

One important thing to know when you are trying to buy cheap discount scrubs for women or men is that there are certain things that you should not choose to buy lower quality versions of. While it is fine to buy heavily discounted undershirts, over shirts, warm up jackets and pants you should be spending a bit more on shoes, coats and socks to ensure that your staff are comfortable and effective in their jobs. Shoes are especially important since most nurses are on their feet all day long. Any damage to staff member's feet can cause them to be unable to work. During rush periods this can be particularly catastrophic and this is exactly when such issues are more likely to occur. Even a shoe falling apart can be particularly bad as it could cause a staff member to trip and cause an accident. So, while it is okay to get cheap scrubs for women (such as pants and shirts) you should always invest in a good pair of sneakers.