SeaDoo Covers: Protecting Your Jet Ski

SeaDoo covers are available to aid in protecting your jet ski from the ravages of traveling and nature. They are available in ready to use premade styles as well as custom covers which may include paint jobs that match the one on the SeaDoo. Both lightweight covers and heavy duty covers are available and regardless of where it is stored a SeaDoo cover will help to protect your jet ski year round.

Weights of SeaDoo Covers

Two basic different weights are available in SeaDoo covers and often the jet ski owners will have one in each weight. The lighter weight covers are used to protect primarily from sun damage. The harsh effects of the sun will gradually destroy the finish as will dirt, sand, salt and even bird droppings. For this reason using the lightweight cover is imperative to protecting your investment after purchasing a jet ski.

The heavyweight SeaDoo cover will aid in protecting your jet ski from rocks thrown back by tires while traveling. It is also ideal for protection in harsh winter climates from snow if the jet ski is wintered outdoors. They will usually be made with from a synthetic fabric and as with the lightweight covers will be treated with a UV and water repellant finish. The seams should be double stitched to ensure they don't unravel.

Custom SeaDoo Covers for Protecting Your Jet Ski

Custom SeaDoo covers are available for protecting your jet ski however they will cost more than a ready made cover. Considered a premium upgrade the custom covers are popular due to their visual appeal as well as the additional protection they can offer. These custom covers will be cut and manufactured to a perfect fit for the SeaDoo and whatever accessories that are included. They can be customized with a paint job that is a perfect match for the one on the jet ski itself and will be made in the weight of material the customer orders.

Shopping for SeaDoo Covers to Protect Your Jet Ski

Shopping for SeaDoo covers to protect your jet ski can be accomplished locally at a marine or boat store, although they may have to special order them rather than having the size and styles available for immediate purchase. Local upholsterers are another option for custom covers as are stores that specialize in boat covers and car upholstery.

Shopping online for SeaDoo covers to protect your jet ski will offer an ample selection of ready made covers as well as sources for ordering custom covers. The ready made covers are generally available in a few color choices and in a choice of material weight. Synthetic is generally the best material due to it's resistance to rot and mildew and it will not create as much friction on the paint jobs as would cotton or other forms of heavier canvass.

Pricing SeaDoo Covers for Protecting Your Jet Ski

Pricing SeaDoo covers for protecting your jet ski is simple online, in fact it will also give an excellent starting point for comparison shopping if shopping locally as well. By careful shopping a very basic lightweight SeaDoo cover which normally sells for 81 dollars online can be found for 39 dollars. Normally SeaDoo covers will range from 90 dollars to 110 dollars for a basic cover, while custom ones can easily run into several hundred dollars. A ready made cover can be customized with paint through local bike and auto shops also to create a custom look.

SeaDoo covers are one option for protecting your jet ski although regular maintenance and repairs are a must. Prepping the jet ski both for storage and before taking it out for the summer are a must. Fixing any broken gauges, checking oil levels, changing spark plugs and draining fuel are a few items that should be attended to. Waxing to protect the paint as well as repairing any dings to the paint are also part of regular maintenance. A SeaDoo jet ski can provide hours of fun for family and friends and will last for years when cared for properly.

A SeaDoo cover will protecting your jet ski will not only protect the paint, but the gauges and seat as well when travelling down the highway. It is generally suggested to use a heavy cover for travelling and a lighter one while at the waterside. In some cases a lighter one will be suitable for winter storage if the SeaDoo will be stored in a building and only needs to be protected from dust.