Semi Sheer Curtains: Getting it Right

Semi sheer curtains are the kind of curtains that are just that, they are not "sheer" which is see through and they not opaque which is pretty much impossible to see through. Semi sheer curtains are designed to keep prying eyes out and simultaneously let light in - which is a perfect option for most homeowners.

Are Semi Sheer curtains suitable for my room?

This is a question that many people who are contemplating purchasing curtains ask themselves. One thing that needs to be considered when purchasing curtains is what purpose do you want them to serve? Do you want them to shut out the light and keep your room warm? Do you want them to allow light in but you don't want prying eyes to be able to see from the outside? Or do you want them to be completely see through? If your have large windows and you don't want to completely block out the light then semi sheer curtains are a good choice. Semi sheers are good for:

  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Large glass patio doors
  • Bay windows
  • Windows that face a public street

Curtains that are not fully see through are a good alternative to opaque drapes that completely block out the light.

What are they made of ?

Semi sheers can be made of various fabrics, one of the most popular fabrics used in making them is voile. This variety of fabric is ideal for this type of curtain because it is light weight and looks elegant when used as a window treatment. Voile can be made from a plethora of materials such as Egyptian cotton and silk. Polyester can also be used, however the quality is not as high as other fabrics.

Window dressing ideas

Semi sheer curtains can be used on their own to create a light airy look, or they can be used with a heavier drape to add texture, contrast and colour. Say for example you are using crisp white curtains. You could add something dramatic like an opaque black pair of heavier drapes, and use silk white tie backs for added effect.

You don't have to use opaque curtains to give your window dressing a dramatic look. You can go for semi sheers in a contrasting colour and apply the same concept. For example with white as a background colour, you could use a pair of lilac, or violet semi sheers and use silver rope tie backs. This would look good in a bedroom with matching simple neutral décor.

Where can I get Semi Sheer Curtains

Curtain Store

There are specialist curtain stores, that will cut your curtains to size for you, however you would have to measure your windows yourself. If you wish to have your curtains professionally fitted then most of these stores offer this kind of service. You might find that it is more expensive this way, but if you feel that you want to give your window treatment the professional touch, then an expert interior decorator or window dresser could make all the difference.


The internet truly has changed the way we shop, there are plenty of places online that you could purchase curtains. There are specialist online curtain stores, home décor stores, and you could even get your semi sheer curtains from online marketplaces like eBay and ebid.

There are even stores online that will take your curtain measurements and make them to your exact specifications for you and send them to you via secure delivery. This way you won't even have to leave your house. The only thing you would need to worry about is making sure you measure your window area accurately. If you are not going to hire a professional to fit your curtains for you then, you can easily get style tips online as well as in magazines. Semi Sheer Curtains can look very modern and elegant if you know what complimentary accessories to team then with.

Accessories: When it comes to accessories, tie backs in all different styles and colours work well.

Rope tie backs: Rope tie backs go well with any type of curtain, however using them with semi sheers is particularly effective. They come in a variety of colours and textures.

Matching tie backs: You could go for matching tie backs, as in the same fabric as the curtain with a contrasting trim. This variety of tie backs are usually strips of fabric about 3 inches wide.

Contrasting tie backs: If you go for white semi sheers you could opt for black tie backs with a contrasting white trim. When it comes to semi sheer curtains you could decide to go for a cheaper variety and get polyester or you could opt for silk or Egyptian cotton for a touch of semi sheer luxury.