Inexpensive Way To Hem Clothing

Hem Your Own Light Weight Materials

The Pros Of Doing It Yourself

You don't need to buy an expensive machine to hem your own lightweight materials.  Basic, affordable machines can get the job done without sending your pants, skirts or whatever else you need to get hemmed to the cleaners.

I purchased a sewing machine at a Walgreens for $25.00 and I use it to hem many of my trousers and skirts.  The kit came with instructions to learn how to tailor my clothing and by doing so I've saved a lot of money over time doing myself.

Affordable Sewing Machine

The machine I purchased is small and portable and takes up very little space when I storage it in my closets.  When I need it I set it up on my kitchen table, do the hem, pack it up and store it away.  Compact it is.

Purchasing a cheap sewing machine does not mean you get less. The cheap sewing machine comes with all the gadgets an expensive sewing machine offers. I can either plug the adapter in or use 4-AA Batteries. The machine also comes with a foot pedal just like an expensive machine does.

I purchased the Perfection Sewing Machine and it works great with lightweight materials.

Cons Of Cheap Sewing Machines

It Does Not Have Enough Power

After using the Perfection Sewing Machine a few times I did realize that it's not powerful or strong enough to hem denim.  The machine does not work well when it runs on battery only but if plugged into an electrical socket the machine has a lot of power.

Full Review Of Cheap Sewing Machines

Practice First Buy Big Later

I purchased a cheap sewing machine so I could save money hemming my own pants and skirts. I purchased a Perfection Sewing Machine Kit at Walgreens for about $25.00 and it has been one of the best products I've ever purchased.  I did get my monies worth.  The Perfection Sewing Machine Kit included over 100 sewing essentials such as adapter, foot pedal, endless colors of thread, measuring tape, scissor, needle thread, bobbins and included a hand-stitch express machine which is a handheld sewing machine.

I always felt I could never learn how to use a sewing machine but purchasing a cheap sewing machine to practice and teach myself how to sew, I feel was the route to go and it proved beneficial. When I find a pair of slacks, cotton pants or a skirt on a sale rack that fit my frame perfectly and then look down to see that the length is way to long, I would always place them back on the rack because I did not want to pay a tailor to hem them. Many times paying a tailor cost more than the pants or skirt I got on sale. Purchasing a cheap sewing machine now saves me money two ways. I find clothing I love on sale and hem them myself.

Cheap Sewing Machines Work Just As Good

In Closing

If you feel you could never learn how to sew, I do recommend purchasing a cheap sewing machine from Walgreens, Target, Walmart or CVS. I believe these stores sell cheap sewing machines. Instead of wasting money on an expensive sewing machine, buy a cheap one, use it and practice until you become an old pro.  Use it for a few years then if you start to really enjoy sewing on a regular basis, you will then know exactly what kind of sewing machine you want to spend your hard earned money on.

I use my cheap sewing machine to do many other jobs too. I have sewed my apron I wear to work, I've hemmed work shirts, I've saved sweaters and no one is the wiser and I've also touched up old beautiful quilts that were past down to me from family. This machine has saved me a whole lot of money. I bring the sewing machine out about once a season and it works great.