Discover the sheer magic of sheer draperies

Sheer draperies or sheer curtains are very elegant and light weight fabrics that are most often used behind drapes. The great advantage of using them is that they not only provide you with all the privacy that you desire, but they also provide excellent light filtering.

The magic behind draperies

The magic in this kind of material is that it has a translucency to it which lets you see outside. On the other hand, if someone tries to look in, all they can see are just some distorted images or shadows.

Get the winning combination

If you have just a drape, if the drapes are opened, other people can see in. But, using sheers prevents this from happening. So, the next time you are planning on buying a drape, it would be a very good idea for you to consider buying a sheer curtain as well, to add behind the drape. You will find, much to your pleasure and comfort, that they make a winning combination.

Soften the heat and add character too.

If you have big windows, sheers are a great way to not only soften the rays of the sun, but also to highlight big windows as well. Not only do sheer draperies have many practical uses, they are also great for adding character and depth to your room.

    Gathers for added privacy

    You can use these sheers alone or with some other kind of fabric, depending on your need and purpose. For instance, your need could depend on the amount of sunlight you wanted in the room.

    If you wanted your room to be nice and warm and you like a lot of sunlight filling you room, you could use just the sheer. But this does not mean that you would have to sacrifice on privacy.

    Not at all! You could have your fair share of sunlight without sacrificing on your privacy. All you need to do is make the sheer three times the width of your window. The gathers that you will get from the sheers, will give you all the privacy that you wish to have.

    Getting creative too

    You can let your imagination run wild when it comes to using sheer fabrics. Why not leave the top part of your window open? How about that for a great idea?

    In this way, you will still get all the sunlight you want and you will not be sacrificing on your privacy in any way. Besides, this will add a bit more spice to your room, as the sunlight that enters from the top of your window, will make your room appear very dramatic!

    Great on your plants as well

    If you have indoor plants, then sheers are just what you want! These are the perfect choice for you as they will do your plants a world of good – more so if you have indoor orchids.

    These sheers will protect your indoor plants from the harsh rays of the sun. Yet, they will give them all the sunlight that they need to keep them bright and fresh.

    Sheer draperies do not cost the world

    The best part about these kinds of draperies is that they do not cost an arm and a leg. You might be really surprised by the price you can find them at. Addtionally, they are so easy for you to maintain as well! As most of these sheers are made up of materials, which are synthetic, they can be easily washed by you.

    Just soak them overnight

    All you need to do to keep your sheers in good shape is to soak them overnight. Make sure you do not keep them in for more than 12 hours.

    You can soak them in warm soap water. Add a couple of spoonfuls of ammonia or borax. Then all you have to do is just give them a thorough rinse to make sure that all the soap is out of them. After that, just hang them out and let them dry.

    Go get some

    So, what are you waiting for? Go get those sheer draperies to brighten your home. You can go for sheers on their own or with a lined drape over the top for added depth and warmth, especially during winter months. You will discover, they will make a world of difference to your rooms…and your life!