Shoe cabinets fall under the huge umbrella of shoe organizers and are a form of shoe storage that acts like a closet. With shoe cabinets you can be organized, have a neat and tidy home and put the accent on your homes décor. Shoe cabinets come in all types of styles and finishes; some have doors, others have doors only on a certain section, while others don't have doors at all. Finishes range from wood to wicker and can be built as sturdy as you need them to be.

Shoe cabinets are not just for your bedroom but can be used all around the house. Largely they are used at the front door to encourage people to take their shoes off before entering the house and in the kids play room they double wonderfully as a place for the children to store their toys.

A variation of a shoe cabinet is a shoe bench. It has the same functions of a shoe cabinet just slightly smaller. With a shoe bench it's lower to the ground, normally has doors or cubbies in the front and allows you to place items on top of the bench. You can use the top of the shoe bench for function or decoration. If needed you can stack the shoe benches on top of each other to maximize your space or you can use the top of the bench to display family pictures and fun memories. With some shoe benches it comes with the option of having a padded cushion on top, so it can double as seating in a hallway, bedroom or living area.

Shoe cabinets are available in all different shapes, sizes and price ranges. You can purchase a shoe cabinet that only has the capacity of holding 5-10 pairs of shoes, or one that can hold much more. Shoe cabinets are preferred by many because of their functionality and elegant look. Most times a shoe cabinet or bench looks much better than a plastic hanging or over the door shoe storage. It's called a shoe cabinet, but can be used for so much more.

When purchasing a shoe cabinet or bench you have the option of choosing from sliding doors, open storage, tilt out shoe storage, and lengths from 40 inches long to 60 inches long. Prices can range from $50 to $500 all depending on what the shoe cabinet is made out of and its finish.

Most shoe cabinets are made out of wood, occasionally you made find one made from a different material. Wood is the material of choice for shoe cabinets, but it's sturdy and durable. The best type of wood you can get your shoe cabinet made from is Oxford wood; it's a bit pricey but will get the job done and last a long time. You can also get a bench made out of materials such as Harwick, which is still a great material just a little bit more affordable.

The main function of a shoe cabinet is to keep your shoes organized, out of the way, and protected. People spend hundreds and some times even thousands of dollars on their footwear, so it's very important protect them. Shoes can make a house look cluttered and unorganized, shoes come in pairs and it is easy to lose just one. A shoe cabinet will help to eliminate all these problems. When everything has a place and there's a place for everything children will learn organizational skills at an early age and keep you from tripping over their shoes in the middle of the night.

A shoe cabinet makes more room in your closet by getting the shoes off the floor and allowing you to remove those bulky shoe boxes. And more room in the closet, is a great excuse to do more shopping. Being able to see clearly in your closet without having to dig through piles will make your life a lot simpler and preserve your clothes, shoes and accessories for a lot longer.