Shoe holders serve the purpose of keeping a number of shoes organized in one place. Shoe holders come in many variations of size, style and material. Purchasing a shoe holder can help keep you organized and gets rid of all the clutter that usually comes with owning many shoes. Shoe holders are often a favorable alternative to shoe boxes, which can take up a lot of space and make things more difficult. You can buy shoe holders as cheap as $5.99, to upwards of $74.99, depending on your needs. Shoe holders are made out of all types of materials, from plastic to bamboo, and can hold anywhere from 3 pairs of shoes to 100 pairs of shoes.

Types of shoe holders include expandable, stackable, tiered, hanging and over the door. Though they all work slightly differently, they all serve the same purpose of keeping your shoes as organized as possible in the space provided. There are some unique types of shoe holders, such as those that hang from the ceiling, spin, and display your shoes in other manners. Shoe holders can be used for many different styles of shoe, as they come in a variety of sizes and can hold anything from sandals and flip flops to work and fashion boots.

Expandable shoe holders are designed to grow with your shoe collection. They can start off holding as few as 3 pairs of shoes, but can grow to hold upwards of 10 pairs. These are usually designed so you place your shoes on a slanted rack for easy access and organization in a minimal amount of space. Depending on the type of shoes you own, you can buy a shoe holder made from a sturdy material such as a bamboo, or other types of wood. This style of shoe holder is widely available in chrome and plastic, as well as in a variety of colors.

Stackable shoe holders allow you to stack your shoes on a rack to keep them organized and can also grow with your shoe collection. You can stack these from floor to ceiling and save a lot of space; they are designed the same way an expandable shoe holder without the slant. Available in mesh, cedar, chrome, wood laminate, plastic and canvas as well as a variety of colors to match your home's decor.

Tiered shoe holders are comparable to the expandable and stackable shoe holders. The main difference with the tiered shoe holder is that many times it comes with a shelf at the bottom to hold other items such as purses, accessories, or shoe cleaners, and may feature wheels to make it mobile. This style of shoe rack is obtainable in wood and metal.

Hanging and over-the-door shoe holders are similar because they keep the shoes off the floor and allow you to use that space for something else. Over the door shoe holders and made mainly to hold women and kids shoes. They are not normally made large enough to hold men's shoes or any type of boot. They can be made of metal with an insert to put in the shoe, or out of plastic pockets to insert the shoe into.

Hanging shoe holders are primarily made to hang in the closet; many come with different sized cubbies or pull out drawers. Hanging shoe racks are normally made out of a canvas or cloth material, something light, because it does have to hang on your closet rod. Don't be fooled though, these hanging shoe racks can hold a lot of weight. Hanging shoe racks are not only made to hold shoes, in the bigger cubbies, you can hold sweaters, sweat shirts, hang bags and a host of other things.

Shoe holders come in all different shapes, sizes and materials to serve diversified needs. Assess your current and future shoe situation before buying a shoe rack. Big box stores such as WalMart and Target are good places to buy cheap shoe holders. Websites such as and are also great places to buy discount shoe holders, and offer a large selection you can peruse in the comfort of your home.