If you are looking for cheap shopping malls in Las Vegas stay away from the strip, the two cheapest malls are the Las Vegas Premium Outlets mall and the Las Vegas Outlet Center mall. These two malls are located a short bus ride away from the strip and are full of designer shops selling designer goods at extremely cheap prices.

Let's start off by telling you are little more about the Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall. This mall is located north of the Las Vegas strip and is just minutes away from the Stratospere Hotel. The cheapest way to get to the mall is by catching the Deuce bus which runs up and down the strip several times an hour.

shopping malls in las vegasWhen you arrive at the mall the first thing that you will need to do, is to head to the malls information booth and pick up a VIP coupon book. These books are full of massive discounts at many of the top retailers on the mall. If you are going on a shopping spree this book is going to save you hundreds of dollars. As I remember I think the VIP discount book costs $5 to buy, but the discount booklets that are scattered all over the strip, usually have coupons in them that allow you to get the discount book for FREE. So it would be a wise move to pick up a coupon off the strip, before you set off so that you get the coupon book for nothing. Or you can search on the internet and print off a coupon from there, all you need to do is type 'las vegas premium outlet free coupon book' into google and you will be presented with many websites that you can print off a coupon which will allow you to get the coupon book for free.

Scattered around the mall are map boards telling you exactly were each shop is located, this is a fantastic time saver. Because if you are anything like me, who sees something and says to yourself I might come back later to buy that. It will make finding the shop again a whole lot quicker and easier. I think you can also pick up free maps at the information booth, so it might be a good idea to get one of these as well.

This mall is quite big and has 150 stores that is going to leave you spoilt for choice, I come from the UK and the prices over in the US are quite a bit cheaper than the UK. Even now when the British pound is so weak against the US dollar. Boy do I miss those two dollars to the pounds days, that was when you really did pick up a bargain in the US. So if you hail from the US and you want to visit the UK, now is the time because you are going to get more pounds back for your dollars.

Some of the shops located at the Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall are Armani Exchange, Calvin Klein, Diesel, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Ed Hardy, Hugo Boss and Lacoste to name just few. This mall has shops to suit every taste and every budget, there is also a food court on the mall. And after spending many hours shopping, your almost certain to be feeling a little peckish and thirsty. Rest your tired feet have something to eat and drink and you will be ready to hit the wonderful shops located on the mall again before you know it.

Cheap Shopping Malls In Las VegasThe second Cheap Shopping Mall In Las Vegas is the Las Vegas Outlet center, this mall is located at the opposite end of the strip and is just a short deuce bus ride away from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Again you will need to pick up a VIP coupon book so that you can pick up even better bargains. This mall has around 130 stores with shops like Coach, Liz Claiborne, Nautica, Timberland and Tommy Hilfiger to name just a few that are located on this excellent Las Vegas shopping mall.

This mall is indoors and fully air conditioned, which is fantastic because as we all know the Las Vegas heat can quickly zap you of all your energy. And you are going to need lots of energy when you visit this excellent Las Vegas shopping mall. Both malls basically have the same shops located within them, but it is definitely worth visiting both malls. By doing this you are going to ensure that you pick up as many bargains as you can. I suggest you do both malls in one day, that way you can get all of your Las Vegas shopping done in one day so that you can use the rest of your time enjoying the other aspects of Las Vegas such as the wonderful Shows, Casinos, Nightlife and all you can eat food buffets.

If you only want to visit one cheap Las Vegas shopping mall, then it will probably be worth visiting the mall which is located closest to were you were staying on the Las Vegas Strip. If you are staying near the Stratospere Hotel then visit the Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall and if you are staying near the Mandalay Bay Hotel visit the Las Vegas Outlet center. Las Vegas is a big and exciting place, so try to not spend too much time shopping. If its your first time in Vegas do your online research and try to create a timetable so that you can do and see as much as you can whilst you are in Vegas.

If you plan on watching some Las Vegas shows, grab your cheap tickets on the morning of the show from the cheap ticket center located at the fashion show mall. The ticket prices here are usually 50% cheaper than if you bought them from the show's box office. Be early though, because these cheap tickets sell out fast and the queues get very long.