Cheap silver fridge freezers are easy to find, if you know the best places to look for good deals.  While you can shop blindly or search through sales fliers to look for discounts, but in all honesty, you’ll be only be able to check once per week when the ads come out and you probably won’t get one from each seller.  There are far better ways to find true bargains as you shop for a new stainless steel refrigerator.  In this article, I’d like to share some ways you can find the best deals without having to wait for the sales fliers to come in the newspaper each week.  Take control of your appliance shopping and aggressively look for the cheapest silver fridge freezers.


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Scratch and Dent Appliance Sales

This is probably the single best way to find the big discounts and save a ton of money.  If you are looking for the best name brands like Amana, Frigidaire, or Whirlpool, you will have a lot of options to keep in mind.  The list below represents some of the places you can look for scratch and dent bargains on appliances, including silver refrigerator freezers.

Sears:  The Sears scratch and dent warehouses and appliance outlet centers are probably the best place to shop for cheap stainless steel refrigerators.  You can find the best, top of the line name brands from Sears and the discounts on their scratch and dent appliances are incredible.  Check out their website and see if there is a Sears appliance outlet center in your area.  You’ll likely save up to 50% with sometimes unnoticeable scratching, or slight damage in an area that’s out of sight.

Lowes:  Lowes scratch and dent appliances are another great place to search for the bargains.  You can haggle at the stores, since each manager has the authority to do so.  Be sure to point out any slight damage and ask for an additional discount.  If it’s only marked at 10% off, you can do a lot better.  When you shop for silver fridge freezers, you really can get a great deal at Lowes Home Improvement Stores.

REI:  If you live near and REI appliance center, it is a great place to look for real bargains.  You will find a lot of good discounts during their sales events, so be sure to check them out online for locations and dates of the sales events.  You can save a ton of money if you shop with them.

General Retailers:  Many retailers, like Kmart, Target, and others are now carrying a small selection of appliances.  You can save a ton of money by looking at their floor models and asking for discounts on them.  Since many of us live near multiple big box retailers that could sell silver fridge freezers, it’s very possible to get a fantastic deal and a really cheap price.  Be sure to ask to deal with the manager directly if you want to haggle on the price, since most of the department workers will not have the authority to offer you a discount if they are scratched and dented.  It’s a good way to save some money and shop at local stores.

Appliance Outlet Centers:  You can find great deals at virtually any seller of appliances, by asking for deals and their dented and scratched units for sale.  You will find that most sellers, at the bare minimum, will at least offer the discounts on their display models.  Since they are out of the box and customers are touching them all day long, they are prone to getting slight damage and scuffing.  If you find one like this as a display unit, ask if they will sell it.  If they will not until they have exhausted the rest of their supply, ask them to hold it for you and call you when the time comes.  Most stores are more than happy to do this for you, since it guarantees them a sale down the road.


Look for Rebates

Even if you buy scratch and dent fridge freezers for sale, you can often still take advantage of the rebates given out.  In many cases, the rebates you get will be more substantial than gimmick sales many stores offer on stainless steel refrigerators. 

Many times, you can get $100 off, making it easy to get cheaper deals.  In some cases, you can get small percent off sales on top of the discounts.   It’s one of the few times that searching the circulars can actually yield some of the best results.  If you get Energy Star rebates or manufacturer rebates, you will be able to save a ton of money.  As a side note, but sure to shop for energy efficient refrigerators, so you can save money on electric and energy usage.

Refurbished/Reconditioned Stainless Steel Refrigerators for Sale

You will often find great deals and cheap silver fridge freezers for sale if you are willing to buy factory refurbished appliances for sale.   They will generally come with a full factory warranty and can be discounted at 50% less, making them a great value.  In some cases, you can even combine rebates on them, making it one of the cheapest ways to get brand new stainless steel major appliances in your kitchen. 

What About Used Silver Appliances

You can find them really cheap, but you have to be careful because you don’t know exactly what you are going to end up getting.  If you are comfortable with it, you might be able to get used refrigerator for under 100 dollars or 200 dollars.  You will generally not get any sort of warranty though, so you really have to make sure you get a good deal.  Be sure to check out a buyer’s guide for used appliances for sale, so you can make sure what you buy has a lot of life left in it and isn’t ready to quit running.  There is no sense in spending money on an item that will not last you for many years to come, even if it is for a low price.  You can find great used cheap silver fridge freezers for sale if you look around.