Finding cheap single beds with mattresses in the UK might not be as hard as you think. Moving out of home for the first time can be quite intimidating and expensive but as long as you know what you are looking for then you can easily find affordable and comfortable bedding for your new home. This is especially true for students moving into a shared house or first time renters who need inexpensive furniture to suit their budget. In this article we take a look at everything you need to know in order to find yourself a decent single bed frame and mattress, either from a store or from a private seller.

What Sizes are Best to Buy Cheaply?

When buying in retail stores the general rule is that smaller bed and mattress sets are going to be cheaper than larger ones. However, when buying used this might not be the case. The prices of beds and other furniture in the used market are more commonly related to demand and how quickly a sale needs to be made. As an example, if an owner needs to sell in one week then they are likely to price very cheap, regardless of size. You can take advantage of this fact to pick up larger beds at prices comparable or even cheaper than smaller beds at retail.

If you aren't planning on buying used then your cheapest option is going to be a regular-size single bed. When buying king-single bed frames and standard single bed frames, the frame is not a big factor since both sizes are similarly priced. However, the mattress itself can be quite expensive, especially in larger sizes. A quality king size single bed can easily cost a few hundred dollars more than a regular single bed. In the end you should buy a smaller size if it will allow you to buy a better quality mattress. You are far better off buying a smaller, more comfortable mattress than buying a larger, less comfortable one.

Is it Ok to Buy Used Mattresses?

Many people feel that buying a used mattress is something that you should avoid but it is generally harmless to buy them if they are still fairly new. Under six month old mattresses are almost as good as new and under one year are still quite acceptable. It's a good idea to avoid buying mattresses older than this though as they can be filled with mites and there is no easy way to tell if this is the case. Before buying any mattress, however, you should always check for stains or watermarks. Finally, when you buy a used mattress you should lay it out in the sun for two 6-hour periods (make sure to bring it in overnight). The sunshine will kill off mites, remove any odors and it will also disinfect the mattress quite well.

Should You Go for Memory Foam Mattresses?

Spring mattresses have been the dominant form of bedding for many decades and, as a result, people are quite hesitant to switch to new mattress types like memory foam. The reality is that memory foam mattresses aren't necessarily the 'next evolution' of the spring mattress. This is because they will work very well for some people and poorly for others. Generally speaking, back sleepers will benefit from memory foam as it gives good support while contouring to the body in a natural way. However, even this is not a sure way of knowing. If possible, you should go to a store that has memory foam and inner spring mattresses on display so that you can lay on each for a couple of minutes. If it feels comfortable enough then it may be worth gambling on memory foam because when it works well for someone it can potentially increase the quality of their sleep dramatically.

Knowing What You Need to Buy So that You Can Come Up With the Correct Budget

Before working out exactly what you want to buy you should make sure that you are actually aware of all of the costs that will be involved in buying your new bed. You may not be just buying a frame and mattress. Don't forget that you may also need to buy a mattress cover, pillows, headboard coverings, sheet sets, and blankets. If you buy a wooden frame then you may even need to buy something to treat the wood, such as an oil or lacquer.

Your Options for Cheap Bedding Sellers

Physical Retailers - Physical retailers should be your firsts stopping point when looking for beds. This is because even if you don't plan on buying at retail you can still try out display models and get a good idea of what set up is right for you. When it comes to choosing stores to visit, your best options are Dreams, Frette and IKEA.. Each of these three retailers sells a decent range of single beds ranging from cheap, entry-level options to comfortable and high quality (but more expensive) options. The advantage of this is that you will have the freedom to easily pick something that is suitable to your budget and you will also be able to receive your purchase that same day (or have it delivered within 24 hours).

Online Retailers and Wholesalers - If you want to save a bit more money and don't mind waiting for shipping then buying online might be a better choice for you. Online retailers like John Lewis Furniture, Dunlem Mill, and Sleeping Solutions UK all have a large variety of options at prices that are typically cheaper than what is available through storefront retailers. This is simply because online sellers don't have as high overhead expenses to cover and most use this to offer more competitive prices to customers. If you find a set up that you like in a physical store then it is well worth checking the prices online before committing to buy.

Used Bedding Sellers - As mentioned earlier, buying used can be a great way to expand your options into higher quality bedding without having to spend as much as you would at retail. You have a few different options when it comes to finding used bedding for sale. The first option for finding cheap single beds with mattresses in the UK is through private local sales. These can usually be found through classifieds in your local newspaper or through websites like Craigslist. Your second option is to buy from used furniture retailers. These can either be specialist stores or charity stores like the Red Cross and Salvation Army. Your third and final option for buying used is through online auctions. Your two major sites for buying used are eBay and Amazon. This is simply because the buyer protection they offer is much better than through smaller websites.