Are you looking for cheap skateboard trucks? If so, you're just one of many in the same boat as yourself. It seems that today there is an obsession with looking for cheap and discounted items, no matter what they be. Sometimes skateboarding items can be way too pricey for some of us, especially in the younger demographic who probably want and need cheap skateboard trucks the most. Luckily, thanks to the fact that there are so many skateboard truck companies and also a ridiculous amount of online stores that sell cheap skateboard trucks, they aren't too hard to come by.

But how do you know if those cheap skateboard trucks are really any good? How do you know if they're priced so low because they're junk? You don't; and that's a problem many of us face when we're searching for quality, yet low priced, items. In this article we will discuss how you can tell if the cheap skateboard trucks you've got your eye on are worth buying, and also where the best places to look for them are.

How do I know if cheap skateboard trucks are any good?

The first thing to figure out is to determine why the cheap skateboard trucks are so...well, cheap. Are they discounted because they are older models? Are the sizes not very common? Are they goofy looking and not selling well? Are they made out of poor-quality material? Are they made by a smaller company Cheap Skateboard Trucks 1that I've never heard of? These are questions you need to ask and find answers to before you even think about purchasing the cheap skateboard trucks you have in mind.

How do you go about this, you may ask? It's rather simple, really. Cheap skateboard trucks are very easy to identify whether or not they are quality. If you are a frequent skater and like to do grinds, you're going to want some cheap skateboard trucks that are still made with strong material. When you're looking online and even in stores sometimes, you will often see a product description box that gives information about the cheap skateboard trucks you are looking to buy. This is how you find out the sizes, brand names, why they're on sale, and what features they offer.

You're also going to want to shop around and compare prices, sometimes you can find product reviews on certain websites that can be very helpful. Maybe the cheap skateboard trucks you want are just a discounted older model that many others have used before and have written an online review about them somewhere. You would be surprised at what you can find online. The last thing you want to do is buy some cheap skateboard trucks that are just horrible, because then you're going to want to spend even more money on a new pair and be reluctant to buy cheap skateboard trucks ever again. This would be a shame because if you know how to find durable cheap skateboard trucks on a regular basis you will be saving a ton of money in the long run.

What brands have the best cheap skateboard trucks?

Honestly the answer to this question is subjective. There are many companies who offer cheap skateboard trucks on a regular basis, and most of them will always have some older models that are discounted to lower prices because they need to be sold. Some of the top brands offer a few models that are generally lower in price by a smidge, but the best cheap skateboard trucks you can get are the ones that go on sale many months after they first appeared. Every so often, brand name companies will bring in a new line of fresh new products and when stores get the shipments of these in, they are forced to sell what's left to make room.

Different Brands That Offer Cheap Skateboard Trucks:

  • Tensor
  • Royal
  • Grind King
  • Destructo
  • Independent
  • Monster
  • Silver
  • Tracker
  • Venture
  • Navigator
  • Thunder

Where can I buy the best cheap skateboard trucks?

Some of the best cheap skateboard trucks can often be found in your local skate shops at pretty low prices. Buying in the store is good because you're helping the local business out, you don't have to pay shipping and handling costs, you get to see the cheap skateboard trucks up close before you buy them, read the packaging, and ask the clerk any questions you might have including why they are priced so low.

Cheap Skateboard Trucks 2An easier and more efficient way of getting the best cheap skateboard trucks on sale is by shopping online. With the plethora of websites and online skate shops out there in cyber space to choose from, you're almost sure to get a great deal. You can buy cheap skateboard trucks on sale online from dozens of reputable retailers like CCS, Amazon, and SkateAmerica to name a few examples. There are so many more to choose from that sometimes offer better deals though. The main thing you need to worry about is using the tips I gave earlier. Take advantage of the wonders of internet and shop around, compare prices, read up on the product descriptions and features. Take your time, it would be a shame if you got what you thought was a great deal on cheap skateboard trucks only to find out a week later they were junk when you're lying face down on the pavement after a botched nose grind attempt.

Auction sites like eBay and CraigsList can be great places to search for cheap skateboard trucks as well. The biggest problem you face with these sites is knowing how to recognize a reputable seller from a sketchy one that you shouldn't trust. Make sure you are buying from dealers that have high reputation, positive customer feedback, and no history of selling shawty products, whether they were cheap skateboard trucks or not. These kinds of sites pose a big risk of getting scammed, especially with things like discounted items, as you never know exactly how good of condition the product you buy is in until you get it, and many times not be able to return it. I also wouldn't recommend buying cheap skateboard trucks that are used, that's just asking for trouble.

Now go get the best cheap skateboard trucks you can find!

After reading this article and the advice I have provided you should now be well on your way to buying the best cheap skateboard trucks that money can buy. Remember to look at product descriptions, features, read up on website or private seller reputation and look for product reviews floating around the web. I know they're out there because I actually stumbled upon a few while researching this topic. Good luck and skate hard!

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