Caring for your skin doesn't require a professional or a million bucks to achieve. Using the right methods and products, you can achieve radiant smooth skin easily and for a fairly cheap price. The key to skin care is using the right products based on your skin type whether its oily, combination, or dry.


When cleaning the skin around your face you should avoid normal bath soap. Soap will end up drying out your skin an achieve a result opposite of you want in your skin care. And so the key is pick a cleanser (and it doesn't need to be more than $20 to get you what you want) based on your skin type. If you have oily skin you should use a cleanser that doesn't contain oil or if you have dry skin you should use a creamy cleanser.

Also, don't clean your skin too often because that can do harm to your skin. The most you should clean your skin is once a day, typically at night so that you can get rid of all that dirt, grime, and makeup that had accumulated throughout the day. When using water with your cleansing ritual do not use cold or hot water. Lukewarm is the best temperature for cleansing because it doesn't damage your skin by causing broken capillaries.


This is one thing that a lot of people skip in their skin care routine. When you exfoliate your skin it will make a noticeable difference in your skin. Proper exfoliation will reduce wrinkles, give your skin a more uniform color, and give your skin a more youthful appearance. There are many cheap, at-home natural ways of exfoliating your skin including several oatmeal facial scrubs you can do.

When you do a scrub for exfoliation it works by removing the top layer of dead skin which makes your skin appear old and dull. When choosing the right scrub, avoid scrubs with too rough of a texture because that can end up damaging your skin.


Moisturizing your skin will seal in the moisture and keep your skin feeling soft. Just about everyone's skin can use a bit of moisturizer with exception with people with skin disorders like acne. The trick to know if you need moisturizers is if your skin is feeling "tight." But also when you moisturize, don't overmoisturize and clog your pores and end up giving yourself a pimple.

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