Small Wall Mirrors To Enhance Décor

Small wall mirrors are considered excellent décor choices because of the way they help to intensify light, hide minor wall blemishes and generally form a useful part of any home. Although larger wall mirrors are perfect for those big bare walls that just ache to have something nailed to them, smaller mirrors are more convenient to strategically place anywhere you think you might need them. They are perfect for bathrooms, next to your closet, hallways between rooms, and a wide variety of other locations. The only limit to where you can place a small wall mirror is your creativity.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Ball: Checkpoints Of The Cosmetic World

Women, and men, are always looking at mirrors to check if everything is in place above the neck. A small mirror hung near the door for example, could serve as a final checkpoint for make up or spinach between the teeth. With a busy schedule to follow day in and day out, it's useful not to have to go back to the bedroom each time you think your mascara is streaking just before you head out the door for an appointment. With this kind of use, you can be sure to always be on the ball and looking sharp no matter how busy you are. Consider the fact that a small wall mirror won't take up much space, is easy to install, and doesn't require all that much care except for the occasional spit and shine-with-the-sleeve kind of thing. Well, not literally but it's as easy as that.

Wall Mirrors For the Small: Safety first

A small wall mirror in a child's bathroom in addition to the main mirror will let the child keep her feet on the ground when checking for cooties between the teeth after brushing at night, and could ever serve in stead of the main mirror – then you wouldn't need those rickety step stools that are actually a disaster waiting to happen in any bathroom, especially a child's.

Flour-on-the-nose Mirrors: Atypical usage

Hanging a small wall mirror in the kitchen is not usually a home improvement idea that will make your property value sky-rocket, but it's very useful for when you're busy with a cake in the oven and someone rings the doorbell all of a sudden. You want to rush out and let them in before your cake burns but you also want to check if you're got any flour on your nose before you do – where do you go? You guessed it – your trusty and conveniently placed wall mirror. Not apparently so but extremely useful.

Double Your Money: Ambient Effects

Directional lighting pointed at a small wall mirror can actually give you a nice ambience for very little money spent. It will brighten up the room immediately, and serve as a sort of decorative piece as well. Calculated placement is very important here so be sure to take your measurements and try it out with a flashlight before you drill any holes – you don't want to have a bunch of orphaned holes around the light fixture.

And In This Corner, Weighing In At $400

If money is no object, then your choices are endless. You can invest in a handmade iron-framed Queensbury small wall mirror, hand-forged by blacksmiths and sold by "America's Blacksmiths", Stone County Ironworks. You can order oval, elliptical, rectangular and several custom shapes starting at about $300 or so. And you can also choose from a great range of finishes such as antique copper, hand-rubbed brass, and standard natural black for what they call an 'up-charge in price'. If you're not happy with the traditional look, you could try the Francois Ghost wall mirrors by Kartell. Retailing at around $400, these are a series of small wall mirrors that are supposed to remind you of the cut crystal frames that were once popular. They can be hung either landscape or portrait, and will allow you to play with arrangements for best effect. You can even place them on opposing walls for that famous 'infinite regression' look.

Cheap Small Wall Mirrors: Beautifully Functional

Of course, you don't necessarily have to spend a whole lot of money for a simple rectangular or oval small wall mirror. If you're looking for something simple that will add to the décor but not break your bank, you can find some great deals with companies like Bellacor for under $50 that are functional yet chic, so no matter what your budget or purpose, there will be a mirror out there with your name on it.