Are you looking for cheap snowboard mounts and racks? You don't have to skimp on quality to get a great price.

If your car does not have a snowboard rack then it looks absolutely naked. Alright, maybe not exactly. But it does look wickedly cool when there is a rack. It gives of the impression when you are driving the car that you have a purpose, that you are actually going places.

Even though that place is a fun recreation destination, it does show that you have an adventureous side to you and that you are active. Show them that you have fun and having a snowboard rack is a dead giveaway.

Don't get me wrong, having a cheap snowboard rack is for much more than just looks, it does serve a pretty important purpose as well. It keeps both your car and your snowboards nice and safe as you travel.

By securing the boards in place, a lot of potential mayhem gets circumvented. And mayhem is always best when thoroughly circumvented. Why not just put the snowboards in your car? Well, to put it plainly, you don't want to be driving down the freeway and have your board sliding all over the place knocking into things.

Also, what if your car is full of your friends and there is no room to lay your board out on the back seat? Some of you may be thinking, 'Well I have no friends who will ever be riding with me and my car is a piece of crap anyway so I don't care about it getting damaged."

If that is your situation then ya, you probably will not need a snowboard rack. For the rest of you that actually do care about your friends, you car and your boards, there are two really big brands of cheap snowboard racks available on the market.

They are Thule and Yakima. Getting a high quality rack from either one of them will run you around $200 or more. However, I have found that Thule is a little less expensive than Yakima snowboard racks.

Most racks from Thule can be used on any vehicle, provided that they do not have rain gutters. Thule racks are simply affixed to the roof in two places, using telescoping bars that allow you to adjust to the width of any vehicle.

So prepare yourself for the snowboarding season by mounting a snowboarding rack to your car and letting the good times begin.