For the snow loving bargain hunters, there are a few different ways to obtain great deals on cheap snowmobiles for sale. If you don't mind buying used equipment, that's the best way to get a higher end model at a lower-than-retail price. But those who are looking for a snowmobile of their own that's fresh out of the box have plenty of great options, too.

Most of the name brand manufacturers of winter sport vehicles offer at least one “youth model” that offers excellent performance for an extremely low cost. Here are some quick reviews of cheap snowmobiles for sale, to give you a basic idea of what is available.

The 120 Assault model by Polaris is made specifically for youth drivers. It has the absolute bare minimum specs and features, such as mechanical brakes and fixed steering.

The more advanced (and correspondingly pricier) Polaris models feature hydraulic brake systems and rider select steering. However, if cheap snowmobiles for sale are what you're looking for, the 120 Assault is a great buy at $2,499 manufacturer's suggested retail price.

Like the 120 Assault, Arctic Cat also has a youth model called the Sno Pro 120. The youth models are also correspondingly smaller in size, which makes them even more appropriate for beginner snowmobile drivers.

The engine in the Sno Pro 120 is single cylinder, with a very small .5 gallon fuel capacity so that your young pilot won't be able to take a cross country journey without telling mom first.

As far as full-sized cheap snowmobiles for sale that are not pre-owned, one of the best priced models is the Enforcer 200 by Premier Recreational Products.

It is a great vehicle for an adult beginner, as it is powerful without being overpowered. The chassis has a seat that is sized for a grown person, and the fuel tank is a medium capacity 4.5 gallons in size.

At $3,679 directly from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer, the Enforcer 200 is a fantastic buy for those wishing to break into the snowmobile sporting world. Aside from the Enforcer models, minimum prices for other full-sized new snowmobile models typically start at over $6,000, with some brands being much more expensive.

For example, Yamaha does not offer any models that are less than $8,000. Arctic Cat offers a fully equipped performance model, the F570, for $6,999, which is one of the cheaper full sized snowmobiles with engine features such as an oil injection lubrication system.

So if you are looking for cheap snowmobiles for sale and are interested in buying new, which models you consider will mostly be determined by who the intended rider is. If you are purchasing a snowmobile for your teenager and want a safe, reliable vehicle, the Polaris 120 Assault and the Arctic Cat Sno Pro 120 are great options that are nearly identical in price and specs. For adults, the Enforcer 200 and 300 are economic buys with moderate features that will be great for learners or those seeking reliability and a good price.