Soccer goalie gear - Athletic apparel and sports gear

A set of soccer goalie gear is quite similar to other players, except in a few specific places. Unlike other players, a goalie wears gloves. These are worn to aid in the deflection and gripping of the soccer ball. The jersey a goalie wears are designed differently in order to allow them to stand out from the rest of the players. They are allowed to play by slightly different rules therefore it is necessary for them to be easily identified.

Depending on the weather conditions, a goal you may wear shorts or pants with additional padding or long legs for warmth. When you're putting together your set of soccer goalie gear, it is important to understand all of the necessary parts.

How to build a set of soccer goalie gear

The gloves a soccer goalie wears may very well be their most important piece of equipment. Or most other soccer players, their shoes are the most important piece of equipment they wear. Because there is so much riding on the goalie's ability to stop the ball with their hands the gloves on those hands become extremely important. When you are picking out your set of goalie gloves, you want to make sure they fit properly. A pair of gloves that do not fit, might lead to a poor performance in goal.

After you have chosen your goalie gloves, you'll need to select a goalie jersey. Your coach might have a preference for the type of jersey you where however you will a variety of styles to choose from. The time of year you are buying the jersey to play in should determine whether you go long sleeve or short sleeve. Most high school soccer seasons are in the fall. This means games played late in the season might be played in some pretty low temperatures. Buying soccer goalie gear that will be comfortable in all weather types is important.

The last piece of your soccer goalie gear will be your shorts or pants. Whether you wear shorts or pants is again determined by the time of year you will be playing. One thing that goalie pants offer is added padding on the side of your hip. This protects you from bruising and injury when you are diving to make saves. It is good to have because it might remove any apprehension you have about sacrificing your body in traffic. A goalie can't have anything holding them back. Buying a pair of padded soccer goalie pants or shorts is a good way to remove that fear.

Where can you buy soccer goalie gear?

You'll want to check places like Dick's Sporting Goods to buy your first set of gear. This will allow you to check out what they have and find exactly what fits you best. If you are replacing your soccer goalie gear you could shop online. You'll probably save a decent amount of money and their selection will be extensive.

How Much Does Soccer Goalie Gear Cost?

It usually will cost you around $100 to put together a complete set of soccer goalie gear. Where you buy it from and what you select will ultimately decide how much you pay.

Putting together a complete set of soccer goalie gear is all about knowing what you need and finding what fits you best.