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When you are picking out your soccer socks, you want to make sure of a few crucial features. You want the material to be comfortable to wear. You want them to be wrapped firmly around your legs in order to keep your shin guards in place. Lastly, you want the soccer socks you are wearing to coordinate with your entire uniform. There is a wide selection to choose from when you are trying to buy soccer socks. Understanding your needs and what choices you have available will help you make a better decision.

How To Buy The Right Soccer Socks

The first thing you want to do is find a pair of soccer socks made out of the most comfortable material for you. Go to the store and try on different kinds. Some are made of more elastic than others. This affects the overall feel of the sock. You are going to be doing a lot of running around in them. Making the right decision will ensure your comfort. There is little worse than having pair of soccer socks cause you to be uncomfortable or even worse, play bad.

Once you have found a material that is comfortable, you want to find a pair that fit snug around the lower part of your legs. Having something that fits too loose can get you injured actually. Lets say your socks are too loose. This causes your shin guard to shift. You get into a collision, and your shifted shin guard is no longer there to protect you. This could have been avoided if you chose to buy a pair of soccer socks that were tight enough to keep your shin guards in place.

Once you have found a snug pair of comfortable socks you will need to find the right style. They should match the primary or secondary colors of your uniform. Before you make a purchase decision you should consult your coach to get an idea of what types of soccer socks he or she wants you wear. Often times they'll know enough to make your decision easy.

Where to buy soccer socks

You can find soccer socks at most sporting good stores. I know Dick's Sporting Goods carries a wide selection of soccer socks for you to choose from. If you prefer to find a cheaper option you can buy them online. is a soccer specific online retailer that has a large inventory of soccer socks to choose from. You are more than likely to find what you are looking for there. They have socks of different materials and socks with different styles.

How Much Are Soccer Socks

You can pay anywhere from $7 to $24 for one pair of soccer socks. The style, and material are what determine the ultimate price of the soccer socks you choose. Depending on the material of the soccer socks you decide to buy, the price will fluctuate. The higher quality of material you choose the more expensive your socks will be.

When you are choosing your pair of soccer socks, you want to be sure of your needs. The material and fit of your soccer socks might be the two most important factors there are.