Cheap Sofas For Sale: Sectional Recliners On A Budget Crunch

If you're in the market for a sectional recliner sofa and you've shopped around a little already, you probably know that the variety and pricing can vary from about $1000 for a microfiber sectional recliner sofa to almost $4000 for a plush leather sectional recliner loveseat and sofa. Let's say that, as preparatory measures, you've considered the amount of space you'll need for this new piece of furniture, set up scratch posts for your cat and trained her to use them, and even moved the other seats around to accommodate your imminent acquisition. But suddenly, there's been a small emergency and the cash that you had squirreled away for this purchase has suddenly been reduced to half its original amount. What now, you think. Well, take heart, because there are tons of ways to get great deals on sectional recliner sofas if you keep your eyes open.

Cheap Sofas For Sale: Compare And Shop

If you casually browse various websites, such as NexTag dot com, you'll be able to compare prices, save on sales tax, and more importantly, make an informed decision. The problem with such sites is that they don't necessarily tell you where to go for the cheapest bargains. The last thing you want is the feeling that you could have gotten a better deal if you just hadn't rushed into the first deal that looked good.

Cheaper Sofas For Sale: Half-Price Deals

That takes us to our next stop – Amazon. Check out what their associate stores such as AtHomeMart might offer in the way of sectional recliners. For example, a 3 pc matched leather Sectional Recliner Loveseat Sofa set that's listed at $4729.99 can be had for a whopping 51% off at a cool price of $2315.63. If you're looking for a more modest yet elegant piece, Furniture Creations has a padded micro-fiber sectional recliner sofa for about $900. You can even buy a matching loveseat and recliner sofa chair to complete the set later on.

Even Cheaper Sofas For Sale: Another Man's Treasure

And if you're really strapped for cash at the moment but simply must have a sectional recliner sofa for your den, then take a look at places that sell reconditioned and refurbished furniture. You can typically get these for about $500 to $700. They may not have that new feel you were originally looking for but they're often hard to differentiate from their brand new cousins, and they're just as functional and sturdy. Besides, there's that feel-good factor from paying a fraction of what it might have cost you for a new one - don't discount that discount high.

Unbelievably Cheaper Sofas For Sale: Recliner Utopia

Another really cost-effective option is to hunt around on eBay and the like, for sparingly used pieces. There are great sites such as FurnitureFindex, which sells 'once-loved' furniture that you can often get fantastic deals on. Perhaps a fabric upholstered, curved sectional sofa with a recliner at each end, for $225? Not bad at all.

Before You Buy A Sectional Recliner: Tips And Tricks

A few words of caution are probably in order before you actually purchase a sectional recliner, cheap or otherwise. First, make sure you have the space for one. If your den or living room is already bursting at the seams with odd pieces of furniture that you've picked up over the years, you might want to move some of the less used ones into the attic or sell it on eBay to offset the cost of your new recliner sofa - don't sell Grandpa's favorite chair though. Second, you might want to think about color coordination unless you're going with standard black or white. Third, you're going to want to make sure that it fits in with the other furniture in the room. A post-modern recliner would feel embarrassingly out of place in a room that primarily has antique wood furniture. Finally, try to be as reasonably thorough as you can. The perfect sectional recliner is just waiting for you if you look hard enough and long enough. And thus let me leave you with an apt little ditty -

May your well-supported lumbar and your elbow gently propped;
lead to blissful slumber, and the DVD be stopped.