Square Mirrors: An Exceptionally Common Approach

The perfect way to increase light and space in any room is by using square mirrors combined with the right placement and the effective use of light. Because of their versatility and geometric symmetry they can easily blend with any décor as long as you're using the right finishes, styles and frames. Finding a good square mirror is also simple, as all mirror-makers and stores are bound to carry this popular shape. The key is to figure out what combination of mirror style, interior lighting fixtures, and furniture will work best for the space you wish to aesthetically enhance. The particulars will depend upon you are going for a modern or vintage look. If you have mahogany dining room furniture and country style curtains, you will want the rest of your decorations to match that classic look. Likewise, if you have a Square Mirrorsglass dining room table or contemporary fireplace, matching this modern theme is a must. Once you draw the out the game plan, the rest is a breeze.

The many faces of square mirrors

Square mirrors are visually appealing in groups or rows; they somehow give a sense of intrinsic symmetry even if the positioning is random, and because of this, they can be used in numerous ways to increase light and space even in a relatively small dark area. A row of mirrors opposite a large window can not only bring in the light, but also scenery and greenery from the outside. Properly positioned, it can appear to enlarge the room, giving it a spacious, uncluttered feel. You can even rotate them forty five degrees to get a diamond shape, increasing the options for placement.

Where, oh where, can I put one of these?

As to where square mirrors would be appropriate in the home, the answer is 'everywhere': above a bank of sofas, as an overmantle mosaic with small squares, in the bathroom with a ring of lights to make a vanity mirror, and even in the baby's room to give her some company! In fact, depending on how creative you want to get, you can place it on a blank wall in the bathroom to make it look bigger and brighter, and even in the kitchen – something that's rarely done.

The right stuff: Masterfully matching mirrors

Since these square mirrors are so versatile, you'll need to choose them very carefully for each of the rooms that you want them put up in. For example, in the bathroom you want something that's sealed around the edges so it keeps the moisture out and prevents mildew formation in the space between the mirror and the frame. You might also want to invest in fog-free mirrors or an anti-fog spray. There are several commercial options for this, but if you want a really creative method of keeping your mirror fog free for a shave after a hot shower, try this. Before you get in the shower, take some shaving foam and coat the mirror. Now go take your shower – as hot as you want; when you step out, take some tissue paper and wipe off the foam from the mirror. You'll be surprised by how long the mirror can remain fog free despite the heavy steam in the bathroom, letting you have a clear view as you shave.

Beveled frameless square mirrors for effect

You might also want to consider beveled mirrors without frames. Square mirrors of this type can lend a touch of divinity to any dump, pardon the expression. 'You can do magic' with an array of beveled frameless square mirrors if you plan it right. A bank of these over the back of the sofa against a bright window, and you're looking at your own bit on heaven on earth.

Where to Buy Cheap Square Mirrors

Any department store - such as Sears, WalMart, and Target, is likely to carry cheap square mirrors. You can expect to find the cheapest mirrors in the $10 range, while the upper end of the spectrum will probably run for a couple hundred dollars. For instance, Target sells a 24-inch by 24-inch embossed mirror for $40 Larger mirrors will naturally cost more, but it is the frame that will be the biggest determining factor regarding total cost. If you can't find what you are looking for at a department store, or prefer the convenience of shopping from home, there are also online resources you can utilize.

NexTag and Amazon both carry a huge selection of mirrors and at either one of these sites you will be able to conduct price comparisons and hopefully find something you like. Amazon stocks everything from a miniscule four-square-inch mirror for a measley $2 (though obviously, such a mirror is severely lacking in terms of functionality), to a $100 mirror measuring 26-inches by 36-inches. The high end of the price scale is around $500 for these retailers - as they both focus on the low to middle end of the economic spectrum.

eBay is the largest marketplace in the world where people go to buy and sell used goods. It can be a great place to find mirrors and frames that are no longer in production - possibly antique mirrors that are over 100 years old. Fancy antique mirrors that you would be hard-pressed to find at antique sales, pawn shops, or yard sales are sold daily on eBay. Because of the auction format, there is also a good chance of you finding a square mirror for a small fraction of the retail cost.

Caution: Mirror at work

A bit of advice when hanging mirrors – make sure that the support fixtures are strong enough to bear at least 3 times the weight of the mirror. Extended hanging can cause stress fatigue, and the last thing you want is your work of art to come crashing down on your dreams of an exquisite interior. A little care in the prepping stages can help avoid a lot of blood and tears.