A squash ball has unique characteristics that make it mandatory for any actual game of squash. The game is actually named after the ball. A squash ball is softer than balls used in other racket sports . When the racket strikes the ball it "squashes" before it flies in the opposite direction. Hence the name of the game, "squash."

What Makes It A Squash Ballsquash balls

Squash balls are make up of two durable halves that are sealed together. As the ball gets used more and more the air inside begins to leak out. The more a ball is hit the higher the pressure of the air inside gets. This happens because of an increase in heat. When the heat increases the air pressure increases. When the air pressure increases the ball becomes increasingly "bouncier." This is a unique twist to the game that makes it a pretty fun sport to play - and will keep you on your toes as the game progresses.

Which Squash Ball Should I Buy?

There are actually balls for players of different levels of ability. The more experienced you and your opponent are, the duller bounce you want your ball to have. The impact of a duller bounce is pretty obvious. The duller the bounce the more reliant the ball flight becomes on the skill of the player.

Yellow dot balls are for very experienced players and they have the dullest bounce. White dot balls have a light bounce, red dot balls have a responsive bounce and blue dot balls have the liveliest bounce of all. Based on your skill and experience level you should pick the right ball accordingly.

When you're just beginning you want to pick out a ball with a high or medium bounce. After you become comfortable with the game you should move gradually towards a lower bounce ball. Playing with a ball that is too dull will hurt the development of your game. You won't be able to maintain a rally which won't give you an opportunity to develop your skills.

Where To Buy Squash Balls

Most major sporting good stores carry squash balls. Dick's Sporting Goods carries them in store as well as online. You can also find them at online retailers like Amazon.com. Once you know what you need when it comes to a squash ball, you can buy them just about anywhere. Just pick the ball with the right amount of bounce for your game and you are good to go.

How Much Do Squash Balls Cost

The price for a squash balls ranges from $2 to $4 per ball. The price is based on which bounce you select and how many you choose to buy at once. They will eventually run out of air pressure so be ready to replace balls often if you're an active player. Shop around online and try to find the best price possible. There are deals to be found.

When To Replace Your Squash Balls

Over time the air pressure in the ball will sneak out of the ball. When the pressure gets too low the ball won't be usable. A player that plays regularly can expect to replace their balls every 2 or 3 months. The lower the balls bounce the more frequently they will need to be replaced. You want to make sure it has a consistent and predictable bounce, so replacing the ball when it loses these qualities is important.

Playing squash and enjoying it is largely dependent on a number of factors coming together. The court, equipment and ball need to fit. Finding the right squash ball for your game is an important contributing factor in your overall enjoyment of the game.

When you're just starting out you want a livelier ball that will bounce more. This will make sustainable rallies and your development easier. As you get better, decrease the bounce of the ball you use. This puts more importance on the skill of the player and allows you to be more competitive. Buying the right squash ball can prove to be a beneficial decision.