Picking the the right squash clothing can give you extended comfort and movability on the court. The shirt you wear needs to be a material for high intensity sports. This will prevent your shirt from getting weighed down by sweat and minimizing your range of motion.

The shorts you wear, or skirts in a woman's case, need to be far enough above your knees so there is no lower body restriction. The cuts your making and the low center of gravity you want to maintain require this. The lower you are the more bent your knees will be. If you have shorts that reach your knees or below they will get caught and cause discomfort.

What To Consider When Buying Squash Clothingsquash clothing

You want the clothes you buy to be made of the right material. Of course style is an issue. Pick clothing that matches your style. If you don't look good you won't feel good. If you don't feel good you won't play good. So make sure you like what you're wearing first and foremost.

when you find something you like the next thing you need to do is make sure it is made of the right material. The best material to get is typically called "cool-fit." It gets its name because of its ability to keep you cool even when your are sweating heavily.

The material won't soak up your sweat. This coupled with its built in ventilation, and airy construction provides a comfortable shirt. Traditional cotton shirts soak up sweat like a sponge. They don't breathe well, they sit heavily on your skin and they'll reduce your range of motion. If you come across a piece of cotton squash clothing, I would recommend not buying it.

The most important factors are how cool you will stay in it and how easy it is to move. When you buy a shirt made with "cool-fit" material you will do the best you can with both of these concerns.

Where Can You Buy Squash Clothing?

If you are particular about the clothing you wear you probably want something you can try on first. You can do this at most sporting good stores like Sports Authority. If you would like even more squash clothing to choose from you can find your local racket sports pro shop. You can go in and try on what you need to find the right fit.

There are also online squash specific retailers that sell squash clothing. Most of them are aware of the apprehension people have with buying clothes online. In order to make sure you aren't afraid of being stuck with clothing you won't wear, most of them offer very lenient return policies. If you aren't happy with something you buy online, you'll be able to return it no problem.

The go to squash clothing resources are squashgear.com and squashproshop.com. You'll find shirts and shorts that are perfect for your game.

How Much Does Squash Clothing Cost?

Squash clothing is right in line with any other piece of athletic clothing. You can even buy tennis clothing for squash. They are that similar. Shirts can range anywhere between $20 and $100. The price depends on where you buy the clothing and what material, brand and quality it is. Buying clothing from your local pro will likely be more expensive than buying it online.

The clothing you wear and the amount of money you spend on it should be determined by how often you play. The more often you play the more important your overall comfort is to you. Take a look at your game and how much you play before you make any decision to spend a lot of money on clothing.

When you are picking out your squash clothing you want something that will be comfortable. Picking out squash clothing that is resistant to your sweat, allows you to breath and maintains a free range of motion is best.