Selecting the right squash equipment is essential to your overall success. The specifics details of each piece can vary based a few different factors. You want to understand your skills, how often you expect to play and how competitive you want to get. Understanding this will help you make the right decision when you set out to buy your squash equipment.

The main squash equipment set is make up of a racket and shoes plus clothing and any miscellaneous apparel. You might choose to wear head bands or wrist bands for sweat protection. This is something that is common in most racket sports.

A piece of equipment that is often overlooked is your squash equipmentsocks. Squash can be an intense game and you're going to be sweating. Your feet sweat more than any other area of your body. Wearing socks that aren't suitable for dealing with massive perspiration can lead to an uncomfortable circumstance.

What Squash Equipment Do You Need?

The biggest equipment decision you'll make is the type of racket you buy. There are rackets suitable for beginners that cost a lot less than rackets for advanced players. This is because of the different factors that go into the construction and performance of a racket.

Major manufacturers like Wilson, Head, Yonex, Prince and Dunlop make squash rackets that are well known for quality and performance. Choosing a racket built by any of these brands is a smart decision.

In order to find the right racket you need to know what fits you and your game. The grip of the racket needs to be right size, the stringing needs to be the right tension and the weight of the racket needs to suit you.

If you buy a racket with a grip that doesn't fit you'll be sacrificing power and accuracy. You want a grip that fits in your palm and has your longest finger slightly touching the pad of your palm. Anything skinnier or thicker is not the proper fit.

Stringing will determine the power and accuracy of the flight of the ball. The more tension there is in your strings the faster it will come off your racket. However the faster it comes off your racket, the less accuracy you will have. Figure out which aspect of your game you're comfortable with and which you need assistance. This will help you pick the right string tension.

The weight of your racket needs to be comfortable. You'll be moving around and making a lot of quick athletic moves with the racket in your hand. If it is too heavy or too light the overall performance of your game will suffer. Pick a material that feels comfortable enough to maneuver yet powerful enough to perform.

What Kind Of Squash Shoes Do You Need?

The unique movements in squash call for unique footwear. There will be a lot of pressure put on different spots on your foot. Having the wrong shoes with the wrong support can give you a lot of pain that feels pretty wrong.

Having a good pair of shoes is an important piece of your squash equipment set. You want sneakers with a low profile in order to allow you to make quick, low cuts with no restriction Having a low profile sneaker helps you keep a low center of gravity and won't get in the way.

Where Can You Buy Squash Equipment?

If you want to buy squash equipment the best place to go would be any racket sport pro shop. They will likely carry an extensive live of equipment for you to browse. Testing and shopping around will give you the opportunity to find exactly what you need to fit your game. Most pro shops are willing to order equipment through their catalog if they don't have what you need in stock.

If you're a more casual player or you already know exactly what you want, you can shop for squash equipment online. There are squash specific retailers like that carry loads of squash equipment. If you want something at a bigger discount you can find what you're looking for on eBay.

Understanding your game, and where you want to take as well as the different choices you have will help you put together the right squash equipment.