When you're picking out squash gear it is important to understand the essential pieces and what factors to consider. You want to understand your skill level and how competitive you want to get before you go buying squash gear.

The essential pieces of squash gear are shoes, racket, clothing and apparel and any other miscellaneous pieces you might want to wear. Miscellaneous pieces include wrist bands and head bands. You also don't want to underrate how important your socks are. When you're playing, sweaty feet will eat through any cheap pair of socks. The discomfort of making the mistake of weaker cheap socks could ultimately cost you an squash gearentire match. Don't be the player that loses because of their socks. Not cool.

What Squash Gear Do You Need?

Probably the piece of gear with the most features to choose from is the racket. There are going to be varying degrees of features from racket materiel to the stringing and the grip.

The prime time manufacturers of squash rackets offer a variety of feature rich tools. Anything made by Wilson, Head, Yonex, Prince or Dunlop and you can be confident you're buying a quality piece of squash gear.

When you're picking out a racket you want it to be something that fits your hand and fits your game. You want the grip to be the right size. If it is too thick you'll cost yourself some accuracy. It is it too skinny you'll cost yourself some power. Try out different sized grips. You want something that puts the index fingers a fraction of an inch away from the pad of your hand when you are grabbing the grip.

What Kind Of Shoes Do You Need?

You want a pair of shoes that will offer support in all the unique squash locations. When you're playing squash you're going to moving around pretty quickly. You'll be putting a lot of pressure in unique places. Wearing the wrong type of footwear can lead to mild to severe foot discomfort down the line.

Most squash shoes are made to be low profile pieces of gear. This is to give you maximum agility to move around the court quickly. If you pick a shoe with a solid base you won't risk turning an ankle. At least there is no more risk than what is normal in everyday life.

Where Can You Buy Squash Gear?

If you're any bit serious about your squash gear, I would surprisingly recommend staying away from eBay. You can find some cheap stuff there but it may not be the highest quality.

When you're picking out your squash gear you want it to be something you are proud to wear. When you look good you feel good. When you feel good you play well. It might be the single most under appreciated aspects of squash. You need the right gear that is fit to your game.

Any tennis or squash pro shop should be able to fit you for the right squash gear. When you have equipment that is well suited for your game, you'll drastically improve your performance.

You can buy squash gear online at squash specific retailers if you so choose. They will sell any apparel and balls you need to complete your collection of gear. A couple online retailers include badmintonalley and hitmastersports.com. They carry a decent selection of squash gear to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

When you're picking out your squash gear you want to understand your level of interest. Are you going to be working to improve every day with the dream of playing on the international level? If so, you probably need different gear than the woman that plays at her country club every wednesday with friends.

Picking the right squash gear makes an already awesome game that much more enjoyable. Be sure to think about your purchase and what is important to you before you buy.