With the increased bounce of the ball as a point goes on, sometimes our perception can be tricked. The squash goggles you were need to be able to protect your eyes from misjudged bounces and poorly aimed smashes. On top of protection from the ball sometimes a racket may get near your eyes and strike them. Having a good pair of goggles can save you the discomfort of a black eye via squash racket.

What To Consider When Buying Squash Goggles?

There are a parts of squash goggles that will help you squash goggles (35044)purchase the right pair. The lenses, the frame and the strap are important in buying the right pair. The lenses will determine how well you see the ball and how well protected you are. The frame will determine how comfortable they are to wear and the strap will keep them on your head.

You're going to be sweating when you're playing. The heat put off by your body can fog up your goggles. Just like the mirror in your bathroom after a shower. There are squash goggles that are made specifically so they won't fog up when you sweat. Investing a little more money for a pair of goggles made like this can be huge. There is nothing more aggravating than continuously cleaning and wiping off your goggles because they're all foggy.

The material the lenses are made out of need to be durable enough to protect your eyes. A lens that shatters on impact can cause way more problems than protection. You won't come across a lot of squash goggles that will shatter, however you want to make sure you're buying something of quality.

The frames your goggles are made out of should be comfortable on your nose. You'll be wearing them through the entirety of your match. If you have a pair of uncomfortable goggles they will pinch your nose, cause discomfort and create a visible irritation on your skin. When you're picking out your goggles pay attention to the weight of the frame and how it sits on your nose. If there is any initial discomfort, it will only get worse. Find a pair that fees great right from the start.

You want to make sure you have a strap for your goggles. You'll be running around, making quick movements. You don't want a pair of goggles that won't stay in place throughout a point regardless of how you move. Having a secure strap will keep the goggles in place. Make sure you find a strap that can be adjusted to your comfort and you won't have any problem with the strop.

Where Can You Buy Squash Goggles?

If you are buying your first pair of squash goggles it might be best to find an offline retailer. This will allow you to try on multiple pairs so you can determine what is most comfortable for you. Tennis or racket sports pro shops will often times carry a selection of squash goggles. They'll be happy to help you with your questions and they will let you try on as many pairs as you need to find the right ones.

If you are already comfortable with your squash goggles and you just need a replacement pair, you can likely find them online at a number of the online retailers that are squash specific. Check out squashgear.com, squashproshop.com and squashunlimited.com for a selection. Most of them offer a return policy so you can be comfortable knowing you can reverse an incorrect decision.

How Much Do Squash Goggles Cost?

Squash goggles usually range from $15 to $25. Of course you can spend more if you are a competitive player and you want something that is more comfortable. The fact that you will be wearing them more often might make this mandatory.

The purpose of wearing squash goggles is to protect your eye sight. Don't make the mistake of picking a pair of that doesn't do their job.