Stores which sell cheap standing coat racks typically include your garden variety big box discount retailers like Walmart and Target as well as big department stores like JC Penny's, Sears, and Kohls. There are also many discount furniture stores which sell coat racks both free standing and wall mounted but the problem with many of these stores is the variety.

Most of these stores only have limited space and thus they don't have the means to carry any significant variety in standing coat racks and thus they are not the best places to shop for people with distinct tastes or really slim wallets. Although many of these stores will have cheap hall tree coat racks for sale the cheapest racks like these standing coat racks tend to be sold new online at stores like Amazon and used in local thrift stores.

Where To Buy Coat Racks For Your Home

Cheap Coat Rack In WoodOf all the different kinds of coat racks available the local retailers probably have the most common type in stock, the hall tree standing coat rack. The hall tree is a long time perennial staple in most homes as it is a simple piece of home furniture which has no moving parts and doesn't take up much floor space. Free standing coat racks also have the ability to store items like hats on top and umbrellas and shoes on the bottom making these types of coat racks particularly versatile and useful for a home entry way.

In addition to the hall tree there are more advanced designs integrating coat racks with shelves and coat racks with storage benches and even coat racks integrating seating, storage, and shelving. These types of standing coat racks tend to be the most expensive variety and the more infrequently found in retail establishments. You best bet of buying these types of coat racks is to go to a local furniture gallery because big box retailers won't typically carry such specialty items.

Large Iron Standing Hall TreeThese larger standing coat racks are excellent if you have the money to buy them and the space to house them in your entry way or living room. Because they are so big and serve so many purposes these standing racks are usually designed much more for aesthetics and decorative appeal than more basic of cheap coat racks. For people looking to keep costs low they are probably not ideal despite how nice and convenient they may be.

The cheapest coat racks however are not really of the standing coat rack variety. Although standing coat racks are probably the most frequently considered rack for families the wall hung coat rack is usually the cheapest and most economical option. Wall hung coat racks are really not much more than coat hooks hung on a wall. These hook however are usually built into a wall board and attached to a wall hung shelf or shelving system making these coat racks a little more versatile as well as inexpensive. They don't require any floor space and are made with fewer materials which can make the difference to many people's budgets.

Types Of Standing Coat Racks

Oak Hall Tree With Storage BenchEven within the standing coat rack hall tree style there is actually quite a bit of different types of coat racks available to the average consumer. First there is the cheap standing coat rack which is mass produced and available at most discount superstores. These types of coat racks are usually the hall tree style and are made of the cheapest wood available. Often times the hall tree itself is a little shorter and narrower than the average hall tree and as such the price for these coats racks are small.

Walmart as well as a few other discount stores can sell these simple hall tree coat racks for as little as thirty dollars on a good day. This can of course be a good deal for singles or families on tight budgets but a better deal for your money is to buy a higher quality standing coat rack used from a discount store or a used furniture outlet or thrift store.

Wooden Coat Rack Stand For KidsUsed furniture of this type is vary hard to break and become worthless. There are no moving parts and the furniture is usually made of solid wood making these pieces extremely durable and long lasting. Because used items generally command lower prices you can usually pick up a used standing coat rack in great condition for the same price as a new cheap item. The difference is however that most people will still be more impressed with the used hall tree than the cheap new hall tree. The choice is up to your obviously but this is something to consider.

Another similar obvious observation is that high end furniture makers also make hall trees and standing coat racks and these pieces may be worth it to you if you value quality and conditioning. Additionally a new furniture store which specializes in wood furniture or decorative style furnishings may have a good selection of free standing hall trees or free standing coat racks which are more robust by design. The design features of a coat rack and bench entry way piece may be hard to find in cheap condition or in used condition and even if found used the price may be higher if it is an antique.

Brown Metal Coat Stand With Umbrella BasketThese more decorative and functional coat rack valets can sometimes be found in traditional stores however most will be sold in specialty furniture stores or online warehouse superstores focusing specifically on high end or decorative furniture. The quality of the manufacturing, design, and materials will still make a big difference in the final price however the price for these types of furniture are usually worth it as the design has lower demand and thus the pricing is more defined.

Shopping online for standing coat racks will likely yield the best prices and most opportunity for comparison shopping. No matter if you are in the market for a cheap standing coat rack or hall tree or a more decorative and high quality entry way free standing coat rack with shelf stores like Amazon, Home Furnishing Showroom, and Accent Furniture Direct can offer an amazing amount of variety at prices that are competitive to the cheapest of furniture stores in your locality. At the very least you should look online before shopping in person o r in person to find what you like before shopping online for the best price possible.