The great thing about silver chains is that you can find cheap sterling silver chains if you know where and how to look. Getting a silver chain on the cheap is much like finding other items at large discounts.

The quality of the cheap sterling silver chain does not have to be cheap to get a good price. This post will focus on a few different ways to get a necklace for cheap.

The number one rule is the shorter and simpler the design the cheaper the silver chain will be. Mariner chains and Rollo chains will be difficult to find cheaply. While you are the most likely to find a cable chain or similar at the lowest prices.

Knowing where to shop also must be considered. Stay away from jewelers that do a lot of advertising as they will typically mark up their prices in order to cover their advertising costs. Jeweler's that provide fancy boxes will also be more expensive. If you do not need a warrant on the item and one is offered to not get it as this can add significantly to the final price of the jewelry.

The best place to find cheap sterling silver chains is online. You can often times find sterling silver chains online that are less than half the price that you would expect to pay at the store. Online stores are often cheaper as they do not need to keep a physical storefront that brick and mortar retailers maintain.

Cheap sterling silver chains do not have to look cheap. Truth be told no one will probably ever know how much you paid for your chain unless you told them. Being able to get a sterling silver chain for cheap means that you can often give them to young people and it will not matter if they lose them or break them. So a cheap silver chain is defiantly kid friendly jewelry.

Finding a cheap sterling silver chain does come with a word of caution, make sure what you are buying is rel. Luckily there are a couple of ways to tell if what you are buying or have bought is real sterling silver.

The first way is that sterling silver is often engraved with a .925 somewhere on the chain or the clasp. Often this mark is very small and you may need a magnifying glass to see it. The other method is by applying a drop of nitric oxide to the sterling silver. If the metal is pure the drop will turn cloudy grey if it is not real then the drop will turn green. Most jeweler's will do this test for free. It is often better to be safe than sorry.