Like so many others of the self employed, recently unemployed and those just looking for some extra cash, I have recently found a work form home job I really loveselling cheap stock photos online.

This is the best free business opportunity I could have ever happened to have stumbled cross, and the truth is that I absolutely love that I can make a steady income doing what I have done as a hobby for years. I love photography; from people to landscapes to artfully arranged products, photography is my passion. I'm no professional, but my photos are above average in quality and are getting better every day with more practice.

You know what else I love? My photography hobby has morphed into a regular part time business with absolutely no start up costs. I already had the digital camera and the rest is my time doing what I already love to do. No money down and I get paid. Who would not love that?

With the advent of the internet and media general expanding to new heights every day there is a huge market for royalty free photos without copyrite issues. Ask any online content provider their biggest headache and they will tell you it is not writing the content, but finding free photos to use that is the issue. Most finally give up and buy what they need because it saves both time and hassles.

You may be surprised to learn it, but all photos have a market value these days. You literally can make a full time income from selling digital stock photography to be used for free stock images. Any snapshot of descent quality will do, no professional training required.

What types of photography makes good stock photos? Just about anything you can imagine. You can sell landscape photos, digital photos of people, wildlife photos or photos of products or images. Anything goes, just use your creativity and imagination.

The key to really making money in selling inexpensive stock photos is both quality and volume. I started to make more money when I got a good volume of work posted for sale online with several different companies. There are literally hundreds of websites you can post your work on for sale. I did research by reading the reviews of those companies and selecting one at a time, posting 100 photos and then moving on to the next. By creating portfolios in this way, I was able to see which sites sold the most to maximize my earnings.

If you are looking for a truly free way to work from home selling cheap stock photos is a great way to do what you love and get paid with no investment.