Buying Cheap Strapping Buckles for Poly Strapping and Industrial Shipping

When it comes to industrial warehouse operations and international freight shipping, palletizing the goods you want to send across long distances is absolutely essential. Palletizing means situating your goods, which are usually oversized and extremely heavy, on a pallet, which is a special load-bearing wooden or plastic framework, so that it can be easily moved by forklifts, pallet jacks, and other industrial warehouse tools and machines. Once you have your goods on pallets, however, you also need to secure them so they won't shift during transit or fall off. Industrial companies and warehouse operators usually rely on poly strapping, which is thin but very strong plastic ribbon, to hold their goods to their pallets. Poly strapping is very strong, but it can only work if you have sturdy strapping buckles to hold it tight and in place. That's why buying durable and high quality strapping buckles is absolutely integral to the success of any industrial warehouse or international freight shipping operation. Strapping buckles are made of hard metal and can be bent down during the packaging process to hold poly strapping in place. Strapping buckles come in all different varieties and shapes, with the most simple being the open strapping buckles that are smashed down into place in order to tightly grip and secure the poly strapping ribbons they are placed upon.

What Kind of Poly Strapping Buckles Are Right for Your Business?

Depending upon the size and weight of the items you are putting through international freight shipping processes, as well as the type and length of poly strapping you are employing to hold them securely to your pallets, you will need different kinds of strapping buckles. One of the most common and simple types of strapping buckles are the open fold-over buckles. These metal strapping buckles come U-shaped and are meant to be placed over your poly strapping at the points at which you want to secure them in place. Once positioned, you use a special tool to close down the metal strapping buckles and essentially pinch the poly strapping in place, thus securing your load on its pallet.

Oftentimes you will find these metal strapping buckles in the galvanized variety, which means that the metal has been specially treated to resist rusting. This can be handy if you are moving large international freight shipments that will eventually be exposed to the elements during the shipping process. Even if they are only temporarily exposed to the wind and rain, they can keep this moisture even after they are moved into the next shipping container. Buying and employing galvanized metal strapping buckles can help to reduce the risk of damage caused by exposure to the elements during shipping.

These simple strapping buckles come with and without sandpaper. The non-sandpaper version of strapping buckles work just fine, but they are usually employed for lower weight loads and on weaker poly strapping setups. Sandpaper strapping buckles achieve a better grip overall but should not be used with weaker poly strapping.