Buying Cheap Strapping Carts

Buying Cheap Plastic Strapping Carts for Sale

Cheap plastic strapping carts are tremendoulsy helpful little timesavers that you can wheel around your warehouse or office when you're working on shipping large freight objects. Poly strapping or plastic strapping, as it's known, is a thin and highly durable plastic ribbon that comes in large rolls. People that ship large freight items like servers or refrigerators, for example, use this plastic strapping to secure their load to the pallet for safe and secure shipping. First, the object to be shipped will be lifted onto a wooden pallet, then wrapped and packaged securely. Next, the worker will take a certain length of poly strapping or plastic strapping and loop it through the rungs on the pallet and then around the object itself. Using a ratcheting poly strapping tool, they can effectively tighten the object to its pallet far more effectively with the help of plastic strapping than anyone ever could by hand using rope or other strapping methods.

Why Do Companies Bother with Buying Plastic Strapping Carts at All?

Many companies and freight shippers that spend a lot of time palletizing heavy freight objects and preparing them for shipping will have their workers move from one shipping object right to the next one in order to quickly prepare as many shipping objects as possible in the shortest amount of time. This kind of high level efficiency requires the right tools for the job and plastic strapping carts greatly reduce the time it takes to move quickly from one palletizing project to the next one.

Instead of lugging around a loose roll of plastic strapping cable and trying to pull the right amount of poly strapping and then measure it and then cut it, poly strapping carts eliminate all this fuss by providing a portable one-stop solution to palletizing large freight objects.

First, the worker will wheel their poly strapping cart over to the object to be palletized. Next, they will pull the length of poly strapping they need and their plastic strapping carts will continuously feed it to them using an installed roll of poly strapping.

Once they have drawn out sufficient poly strapping, the worker will simply press down on their poly strapping cart's built in cutter to have their plastic strapping cut at exactly the point they want. Now they are free to start increasing the tension on their strapping to secure the large freight object to the pallet.

Meanwhile, good quality plastic strapping carts feature wide open metal trays and cubbies where workers can place their tools for easy access. In this way, plastic strapping carts reduce the time and effort it takes to transport, portion-off, and affix plastic strapping to a large freight object for palletizing and shipping. Without the use of plastic strapping carts, workers would have to handle every aspect of this process by hand while also lugging their own tools! Plastic strapping carts can be bought for around $180 to $250 depending on the model and what kind of strapping it is designed to be used with. You will also notice some variance in prices depending on advanced features that some plastic strapping carts have, such as strong heavy duty brakes that keep the plastic strapping carts in place while the worker is withdrawing the poly strapping.