From "I wear my sunglasses at night," to "What really knocked me out was her cheap sunglasses," it's painfully obvious that we love sunglasses - so much so that we've immortalized them in so many pop song lyrics, not to mention "signature looks" of so many celebrities.

Sunglasses rock. I wear them just about all the time; sometimes on my eyes, other times on my forehead to keep my shaggy hair from getting in my eyes. Funny thing is, I can't remember ever paying more than ten bucks (that's $10, for those who might be reading across the seas and might get confused by my lingo) for a single pair. And I've gone through a bunch of them, too; which means I've bought just as many, ranging from Aviator Sunglasses to Wrap Around Sunglasses and just about everything in between.

How Do I Pay So Little For Sunglasses?

Simple. I'm a thrifty guy, so I'm alway on the lookout for a great deal. And once you get in the mindset that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg for some sweet shades, you'll be amazed at how many nice pairs you'll find in places you'd normally never consider; such as:

Gas Stations. I LOVE those sunglass displays at gas stations. Most people pass them up, expecting only to find horribly ugly stuff, but I've rarely spun the swivel display around and found absolutely nothing that I don't like. I don't always buy them when I see them, but I know they are there.

Dollar Stores. Think fashion has to cost a fortune? Don't tell that to the people running dollar stores. Honestly, I don't shop in these kinds of stores too often, but when I do, I'm always amazed at the kind of stuff I'll find... for a Dollar! Sunglasses aren't the only cool gems I've found in these places, I've bought everything from silverwear to art supplies - at a fraction of the price I'd pay anywhere else.

Online. Yup, the trusty Internet. With so many e-commerce shops popping up these days, it's almost impossible NOT to find someone willing to make you a killer deal on some sweet shades. Just be careful when shopping and do your homework before handing your personal credit card information over to anybody (especially somebody selling bargain items - I'm not profiling, but I am saying that people selling "quality" items at super low prices deserve your scrutiny. You don't want to end up testifying against a fellon who claims "they fell off a truck.").

Cheap Sunglasses Are Always In Style

For all the heckling my friends give me about my cheap sunglasses, most people can't tell the difference between them and the brand name pairs people pay hundreds of dollars for. Granted the quality isn't as high, and it's usually true that you get what you pay for; but keep this in mind: When I lose (or someone steals) a pair of my cheap shades, I go buy another pair - I'm out five, maybe ten bucks. When the same thing happens to my friends, they are sometimes out more than a hundred bucks! At that rate I can afford to misplace 10 to 20 pairs and I'll still come out ahead financially.

Anyway, long story short, it's not hard to find Cheap Sunglasses, you just have to be ready to defend your purchase to your brand-name zombie friends.