Cheap Sunglasses: A Buyers Guide

                Cheap sunglasses have long held the attention of the consumer masses.   The debate has been long held on if it is worth the time to actually invest in expensive, quality shades as opposed to just grabbing a pair of two for five from the mall kiosk.  Hopefully we can clear up a few mis-conceptions here, as well as realize the value to be had from making such a purchase.

A Pair Of Cheap Sunglasses

Cheap Glasses: Definition

                As far as we can tell, cheap sunglasses are defined by only a small list of requirements. 

  1. They must cost less than $20
  2. The frames must resemble an out of production designer edition
  3. Must have numerous parts that fall off throughout the life of the glasses
  4. Are available in most convenience stores and shopping mall kiosks.

Cost VS Quality

                Some may make the argument that purchasing a quality pair of sunglasses is simply the only way to go.  The logic behind this is sound, after all things that last a very long time often end up paying for themselves.  If you are diligent in protecting these kinds of sunglasses the return is a lifetime of sunglass satisfaction.  However, there are two sides to this coin, and on the other side you find the majority of the population that has no idea how to keep items smaller than a dinner plate in good repair.  For these, the less small, expensive items around, the better off our bank accounts are. 

Rate Of Return (Literally)Smart Care For Cheap Sunglasses

                To not touch on the strange, almost mystical property that all cheap sunglasses have which makes them suddenly return to your possession after months of absence would be a terrible oversight.  Possibly, the region of old world China in which the glasses were built applies these sort of properties, or perhaps the world turns in the favor of them.  Either way, the chances of losing and never seeing a pair of cheap sunglasses again is immense compared to the pair you have saved weeks to buy.

Getting The Most Out Of Your New Cheapos

              Keeing Your Sunglasses Clean  Cheap sunglasses, no matter how inadequately made, still need TLC.  I recommend investing in a popular and easily affordable item, the sunglass case.  When paired with a nice microfiber lens cleaning cloth you’ve easily done two things.  You have both doubled the initial cost of the cheapos, and have also prolonged the life of them. 

                A common practice that I would definitely recommend requires only a little forethought.  If you want to give the illusion that you indeed have a killer pair of glasses in your possession but don’t wish to deal with the drama of loss, purchasing a case that at one time went with a pair of designer shades is advisable.