Buying Cheap Floor Sweeping Compound for Cleaning

What is sweeping compound and why is it so important? This special blend of oils, waxes and, often, sawdust is for use on both finished and unfinished floors and is designed to quickly absorb the various liquids and oils that may sully your floors' surfaces from time to time. When there's a tricky spill, liquid chemical, grease or oil slick down on your floor, you can simply throw a bunch of sweeping compound onto it and let it start working for you. The combination of wax and sawdust will draw the moisture of the spill up into itself, effectively bunching your spill together into a powdery type material. Essentially, your sweeping compound has just turned your liquid spill into a solid that you can much more quickly and easily sweep up and dispose of! Sweeping compound can be bought cheaply in bulk and kept on hand in your cleaning or janitorial closet so that your workplace will always be ready to respond to major spills and potentially dangerous messes like oil slicks, chemical spills and other noxious liquids that you can't have on your floors and walkways. Meanwhile, the physical grit of the sawdust in sweeping compound works as an excellent scouring agent to more effectively clean up your affected floors.

The Different Kinds of Cheap Sweeping Compound Available

There are a couple different kinds of sweeping compound available for purchase and, depending upon your needs, certain kinds will be more or less ideal for your purposes. For one thing, if you have unfinished floors you're dealing with and cleaning, you want to buy sweeping compound that has sawdust already mixed into it. This will help to scrub down the especially tenacious messes and gunk patches that can accumulate on unfinished floors. However, if you are dealing with finished floors that have nice expensive surfaces, you definitely want to get floor compound without sawdust, as this will help to protect the nice surfaces of finished floors. You don't want to use sawdust based sweeping compound with finished floors, as you could potentially do more damage to your surfaces by the time you're finished cleaning them than the mess was doing in the first place!

Besides sawdust based and sawdust free sweeping compound, there's also green sweeping compound that can satisfy all related state laws about the chemical make-up and environmental impact of the sweeping compound being used to cleaning up messes. Green sweep not only satisfies all state laws pertaining to the environmental impact of sweeping compound, but it is also available in portions as large as a 300lb drum for when you want to buy in bulk and save money. Buying a large 300lb drum of sweeping compound will ensure that your company or organization will always have enough of this important tool available for dealing with the unexpected spills that are a part of life.

Keep in mind that being able to handle spills effectively is not only a matter of aesthetics and keeping a proper face forward in terms of representing your business, but it's also a matter of self-protection and legal liability! Slip and fall injury lawsuits can drain businesses of thousands and thousands of dollars very quickly. A spill never seems like a big deal until it turns your bottom line upside down! Prepare yourself and your employees and protect your business by keeping plenty of sweeping compound on hand so that you can always quickly rope off an affected area and remove the spill immediately and totally.