Sylvania is a corporation that goes beyond just TVs. They have a wide range of knowledge and are leaders in many areas of electronics. This works to your advantage if you're looking to buy a cheap Sylvania LCD TV. Sylvania knows what works and what doesn't in the electronic world.

They have the ability to apply their knowledge in a way that is unique to them. Other companies who focus strictly on making TVs and a few other electronics don't really develop the ability to be as innovative as those who have experience in all areas.

For example, Sylvania is very prominent in the lighting industry. They focus a lot of their attention on energy saving measures. They are able to translate this knowledge into saving energy with each Sylvania LCD TV they sell.

Are Sylvania LCD TVs Any Good?

A great model of Sylvania that you should consider is the 66620LE LCD TV.

This has a super crisp picture that brings the screen to life.

It has a 480p progressive scan, so it will work perfectly with your existing DVD player and satellite receiver.

There is no need to go out and buy another!

Another reason you'll enjoy the Sylvania LCD TV is because it has built in V chip capabilities. This allows parents to control the shows their children are watching.

We all know that some of the junk that's on TV isn't good for kids to see.

Now you have an easy way to control it.

This TV also reduces blurry edges on the screen. The result will be the high quality picture you'd expect from a company like Sylvania.

It also has a high contrast ratio and wide viewing angles. There is no need to worry about getting a lousy picture quality.

Sound is also very important when you're considering LCD TVs. This model features two elliptical speakers that on are on either side of the screen.

This gives you a great sound experience unlike those that are just concentrated in one area. Of course, Sylvania loves to help you save energy in your home.

You can do that by setting the available sleep timer button. This will save energy if you're one who likes to fall asleep with the TV on.

Another great power feature is the ability to resume its settings in case of a power outage. As an added bonus, this model is Energy Star compliant.

If you decide to purchase this or any cheap Sylvania LCD TV, you'll be doing yourself a favor. It has great picture quality, sound, and controls. Not only that, it will help you save energy in your home.