Finding cheap table runners for weddings and other cheap wedding linens can be quite difficult. Retailers know that people are often willing to spend up to have the best wedding day possible, and as a result the retailers do not hesitate to charge a lot for their products. The satin table runner of the host table can cost a fortune itself without counting things like chair covers, table overlays and napkins. Getting discounts wherever you can, will take away the sting of the matrimonial credit card bill and in this article we will look at exactly how you can do that.

What Linens Do You Need for Your Wedding?

If you want to keep things cheap but professional looking then you will need the following wedding supplies for your reception:
- Cheap tablecloths,
- Cheap chair sashes or covers,
- Napkins, and,
- Table covers or runners for at least the host table.
As far as wedding reception decorations go, these are the bare essentials and you can add more as your budget will allow. In this article we will focus on table runners and how you can get them for cheap (or even for free).

What Materials Can You Get Table Cloths and Runners In?

You have quite a few options in materials of table runners and the prices will vary depending on which material you choose. At the cheapest end of the spectrum you have plastic runners, which are usually clear and are designed to protect a more expensive tablecloth. Next you have cotton or polyester fibers, which price in the middle of the spectrum. Cotton or polyester materials can look quite nice, take the white and black Damask table runners for example - they are an extremely popular design that doesn't break the bank. Next on the list is taffeta, a silk-like blend of artificial fibers that can look quite refined. And, finally, the most expensive option available to you is silk itself. Nothing quite matches an elegant silk table runner in looks, feel or price.

Where to Buy Cheap Wedding Table Runners in the US

If you need to buy wedding linens in the US then you are best off sticking with a specialty retailer in your area. Below is a list of some of the more popular retailers in major areas of the USA.

San Diego

The appropriately named San Diego Linens LLC is the most popular retailer of wedding linens in the San Diego area. You can order through San Diego Linens LLC through their website or via their phone number and they also have a showroom by appointment on Activity Rd.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city of marriage and it is hardly surprising that there are a huge number of linen suppliers available. LasVegasBride and RebelParty are two major ones but there are several smaller ones that you will be able to find by searching the classifieds.


In Manhattan the most popular retailer of wedding and other special event linens is Magnolias Linens. Magnolias Linens has a showroom located on East 84th St in New York. The mother-daughter run business takes inspiration from classic Indian weddings where decoration and quality linen is held in high regard.

Los Angeles

Glow Concepts in Los Angeles has a wide variety of linens available for residents and they even offer special discounts occasionally on their Facebook page. If you are in the LA area and have a Facebook account you should like their page, get a discount and then order through them.


Another appropriately named linens supplier is Chicago Wedding Linens who deliver to the greater Chicago area. You can even arrange a private showing of different materials and decorations in your own home.


Houston's wedding supplier is The Perfect Touch Linens, which has a showroom located on South Boulevard. They also have a design center on their website that let's you mix and match to come up with your own look. You can even use this service as a free way to get ideas.

Where to Buy Cheap Wedding Table Runners in the UK

Similarly to the US, the UK has a lot of speciality retailers available for you to choose from. However, the UK also has an easier option available. Specialty Linens UK supplies special event and wedding supplies and decorations to anywhere in the UK. They have design and operating centres in many locations so there is almost nowhere where they will not cater. If you go to their website you can even find an offer for 25% off your order.

What is the Cheapest Place to Buy Online?

If you are looking to buy your own linens then you are best off finding a cheap wholesale retailer online. Some linen suppliers will sell their wares wholesale over the internet but the best place to find bulk sales on the cheapest wedding supplies possible is through eBay. On eBay you can place a bulk order from overseas and get combined or, in some cases, free shipping to your door. EBay is available in most countries too, so regardless of if you are in the US, the UK or even Australia you will have a localized version of the website. However, buyer beware applies here and you should always check the seller's feedback scores before making a purchase.

Alternatives to Buying or Renting Fine Wedding Supplies

If you are pressed financially but still want a great looking wedding then your next best option might be to make your own table runners, chair sashes and napkins. A simple but elegant white look can go a long way and only basic sewing skills are needed to achieve this. Buying a bulk roll of a high thread count white, pink or gold cotton can be pretty cheap when you work out how much you will be able to save on dining decorations (compared to if you had of purchased or hired them). You cannot really find cheap table runners for weddings for cheaper than you can make them yourself. Also, do not underestimate the satisfaction of knowing that you hand-made all the decorations your guests are enjoying on your special day.