Tablet PC(61412)

Tablet PC is a laptop PC basically equipped with a PDA and notebook.  This is the most innovative introduction to the line of computers that offers both functionality and style. It is considered the perfect choice for a tech savvy user. This product is basically expensive but now even cheaper versions of Tablet PC are made available in the market. That's a good thing, as when the first tablet PC model was launched more than 10 years ago it was very expensive, at around 2500-3000$, making it a niche product for business users mainly, the only ones able to afford one then.

The cheap tablets hold flexible capabilities and come in two different configurations. The two types include cheap convertible tablets that can be folded or rotated around while the cheap slate tablets type feature display screens with no hardware keyboard and less powerful hardware inside, but also a slimmed down version of the operating system, focused around mobile apps. The two configurations operate on a special version of Windows that may be navigated with a stylus or digital pen and even thumb imput, depending on the operating system and touchscreen panel used.

Cheap Tablet PC models are marketed by several companies that include Acer, Sony, HP Compaq, Toshiba, Fujitsu Siemens, Samsung, Panasonic etc. It is however regarded that one needs to be extra cautious when purchasing the cheaper versions to obtain the similar features as present in the expensive models. The basic factor to be considered is that the cheap Tablet PC should provide the user with the flexibility of using a digital pen, or mobile keyboard. It should also be easily convertible into a notebook PC. 

On the other hand, it needs to comprise of features like wireless capabilities, 2 GB memory, integrated wireless LAN 802.11b and a Bluetooth PAN. Other requirements include speech recognition software, Intel Pentium or Celeron, headset adaptor, inbuilt speakers, processor speed of 1.0 GHz, microphone input, plug-in facility to connect to external speaker, inputs for the keyboard, pen etc.

It further must allow the user with the option to store and write information with the aid of the digital ink using the windows journal. Besides, the battery life needs to have a running capacity of about 4 hours. Above all selecting a portable and light weight PC would be the best option for ease of use. More battery life is provided by slate tablets running mobile operating systems, but those are a slightly different category.